Review: Sushi Saryu Omakase Restaurant Sathorn Silom by Chef Seiji Sudo

A traditional Edomae sushi omakase restaurant with a solo chef and six-seat capacity. Chef Seiji Sudo is incredibly humble and doesn’t say much, but his food speaks for itself.

Unlike most typical omakase restaurants, where the focus is often on entertaining clients and catering to Instagrammers, this particular restaurant places all its emphasis on the exquisite quality of the sushi. The chef’s unwavering dedication to his craft takes the sushi omakase experience to a whole new level. The quality of the seasonal ingredients used in each dish is truly exceptional, and we were blown away by the masterful combination of flavors and textures that the chef achieved.

His impressive skills in aging fish and stunning presentation using premium ceramic ware create a dining experience that feels truly luxurious. Additionally, the chef has a talent for combining multiple courses into one, resulting in an explosion of flavors that is sure to leave diners feeling ecstatic.

Sake lovers, rejoice! This restaurant offers an exceptional selection of premium Sake options that are sure to delight your taste buds. With an impressive variety to choose from, this place is a true heaven for those who appreciate the subtle complexities and delicate nuances of high-quality Sake. The name pronounced “sah-rew”

Location: Sathorn/Silom Opposite Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel Kronos Building, G 46 N Sathon Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok Reservations: 083-912-9288 Line Account: @sushisaryu

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