5 Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss While in Singapore

It may be the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but Singapore’s tourism industry is huge. Millions of people visit the country each year, and every time they arrive, they just can’t wait to explore what Singapore has to offer.

From its breathtaking views of Marina Bay to its quiet and walkable streets lined with historical architecture, there are many things to do in the country’s 728.6 square kilometres of land. With so many things to experience, however, some tourists will find it difficult to create a Singapore travel itinerary. Nevertheless, there are a handful of must-see attractions and go-to places that travellers shouldn’t miss out on if they want to experience the real Singapore. Let’s take a look at the top five attractions that you should definitely visit when you’re in the Lion City.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport consistently ranks among the world’s best airports, and there are many great reasons it deserves that distinction. Not only are the airport’s staff and services very efficient, but there are also many ways for travellers to have a good time—even during short layovers. Indeed, while you’re there, you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Instead, you’ll be thinking about what to do in Changi Airport first, given all the available options.

For example, tourists can ride down Singapore’s tallest slide, which is located in Terminal 3. This 12-metre slide zooms down four storeys, allowing sliders to reach a speed of 6 meters per second. Passengers can also watch a film free of charge while they wait for their next flight. Changi’s movie theatres, which are located in Terminals 2 and 3, are open 24 hours a day.

Changi Airport also has several themed gardens that add a touch of greenery to the country’s densely urban spaces. These include the Butterfly Garden, Enchanted Garden, Orchid Garden, and Sunflower Garden.

Finally, travellers on layovers can take advantage of the airport’s free Singapore tour, which will take them to must-see attractions like the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. Between the themed gardens, amenities, and shopping and dining options, you’ll be spoilt for choice when finding something to do at Changi.

Singapore Flyer

If you’re itching to see more of Singapore from above, then riding the Singapore Flyer will scratch that itch. This observation wheel stands 165 metres tall, which will allow you to see farther beyond what you’d see at Marina Bay Sands’ observation deck. When you reach the highest point of the Singapore Flyer, you’ll be able to see as far as Indonesia’s Spice Islands and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor.

The Singapore Flyer offers different packages for each of its “flights,” and it runs from early in the morning until late at night. Choose a package that fits your budget and that suits your preference of seeing Singapore during the day, noon, or evening.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a must-see, especially when you’re travelling with children. Dubbed the world’s best rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo offers a great way to observe some of the world’s most well-loved animals. Some of the fauna you’ll encounter at the zoo include orangutans, white tigers, and penguins.

The facility takes excellent care of the animals and provides each enclosure with lush vegetation and sufficient habitat space. What’s more, the zoo also offers a night safari and river safari if you want to add more adventure to your zoo experience.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Singapore is the perfect tourist spot for thrill-seekers. This theme park features a number of rides, many of which are themed after Universal Studios’ movies. These rides include the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, and Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon.

There are lots of rides for kids, too. Head on over to the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey rides to have a great time with your children.

Singapore’s Parks and Gardens

There are plenty of parks and gardens in Singapore outside of Changi Airport. Each of these areas offers a peaceful respite from Singapore’s city living, making them excellent locations to rest and relax. 

If you want to surround yourself with over 10,000 species of plants, then you have to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s considered to be one of the world’s premier orchid research and breeding centres, and it offers visitors educational programmes on ecological harmony and the importance of plants. Singapore Botanic Gardens also hosts several special events each year, so be on the lookout for those.

East Coast Park, on the other hand, is a great location to spend the weekend riding a bike or trying on a new pair of skates. This park covers around 185 hectares of reclaimed waterfront land, making it the largest park in Singapore. Both tourists and locals enjoy going around the park on their bikes, skates, rollerblades, and scooters. You can follow suit, or you can engage in more relaxing activities like renting a barbecue pit and sharing freshly grilled food with your family and friends.

It can be daunting to think about where to go in Singapore if it’s your first time travelling to the country. But these five must-see attractions are a good start and will guarantee a fun and memorable trip!

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