6 Reasons To Travel To Bali


Asia is one of the most enduring travel destinations in the world. Whether it’s taking a trip on the iconic Eastern & Oriental Express in Thailand or checking out the Forbidden City in China, Asia has always beguiled and surprised travellers.

It’s pretty clear there are a lot of options for amazing Asian holiday adventures, and Bali is one of the best. If you’re going to soak up the magic of the Orient, then there are few places better than the picturesque Indonesian island. Still not convinced? These are six of the best reasons why you need to make sure you travel to Bali as soon as possible.

The climate is sensational

The climate in Bali is one of the main reasons why you need to make sure you visit this delightful tropical paradise. Bali has pretty much relentless sunshine through most of the year, so it’s the perfect place to check out if you’re sick of the cold and drizzling rain at home! October to April does see intermittent rain, but the dry season is pretty much shorts and T-shirt weather all the time.

It’s not expensive

One of the best and most appealing things about Bali is the fact that it’s not expensive. There are always worries travel costs will mount up, but Bali is actually pretty affordable, no matter where you go. Sure, you’re looking at a pretty arduous long-haul flight, but it’s worth it because accommodation and food is so cheap here! You’ll be surprised by how much money you are going to save with a trip to Bali.

There are countless temples

Did you know ali has more than 20,000 temples across the island? Being a Buddhist epicentre this stands to reason, but it’s still pretty impressive. What’s more, some of these temples are truly breathtaking in size and design. Pura Ulun Danu and Pura Tirta Empul are two of the most stunning and exquisite temples on the island, so definitely check them out on your travels.

The beaches are stunning

One of the biggest draws of Bali is the fact that there are so many stunning beaches to visit here. It has a rich and varied collection of truly wondrous beaches and coastline, and this is the perfect choice for the weary traveller in need of a beach break. The island’s Bukit peninsula is bursting with secret and hidden coves, bays, and beaches. Not to mention the more popular choices. Among the best beaches in Bali are Jimbaran Beach and Seminyak Beach.

Food is exquisite

The food is quite stunning in Bali and gives that wonderful Asian infusion to every dish. In fact, it is so appealing that the food is one of the major reasons why people continue to flock to Bali in droves. 1Cover actually reported that since 2006, the number of Australian travellers to Bali has risen by a whopping 546%. And that’s not even taking into account the tourists from other countries as well! It’s clear the food plays a big factor here and it’s definitely a big reason to check Bali out.

The culture is fascinating

When travelling to wonderfully exotic locations like Bali, it’s important to sample some of the great culture on display here. The Balinese are very hospitable, not to mention incredibly religious. Don’t be surprised to encounter multiple celebrations and festivals while you are there. If you get the chance, try to join in and have a great time – you won’t regret it.

As you can gauge, there’s a lot to love about Bali, and it promises to be one of the most impressive and popular holiday spots in the world. It has the perfect balance with gorgeous food, wonderful culture, and stunning landscapes.

If you can think of any other great reasons to visit Bali, please let us know in the comments section.