7 Interior Design Trends That Will Stay With Us

interior design trends are hot on the heels of the trends we already know. The most important thing about interior design is that it represents who you are and what you consider to be important in your life. People yearn to express their individuality, and for their surroundings to inspire meaning and values. 

Interior design has a huge impact on people’s lives. While we may not notice it, our mood is affected by the colours around us, by the materials used to decorate our home, and even by how much natural light can enter from our windows. The interior design trends that will stick with us throughout 2022 are important considerations for anyone looking to upgrade their home in the next year or so.  

‘No one can predict the future, but we can analyze trends’, says Christine Thorsteinsson Damsgaard, Visual Expression Manager of BoConcept, a Luxury Lifestyle Awards global winner.  Knowing what’s happening now will help you make better choices for your home today — and save you from costly mistakes down the road.

Here we’ve put together a list of 7 interior decorating trends to watch in 2021 — designing for the future of your space.  

The Home Office Is Not Going Anywhere 

At home, in the office, or on the go: this is the future of work. Home offices are here to stay and they’re just as important as the office space you physically inhabit. It’s definitely the one additional room everyone is demanding, and styling to reflect their personal values. This is where and why customisable furnishings have become incredibly valuable.  

Work Spaces Redefined 

As the pandemic is getting under control, following the global rollout of vaccines, workers are starting to return to their traditional offices. In order to keep employee motivation and satisfaction up, work spaces are seeing a shift to incorporate more hospitality based elements, as well as more home comforts. The reason for this is to help workers transition, as they’ve acclimatised to the new pandemic environment. There is a general mood of anxiety and uncertainty in the world, following the pandemic. Companies are recognising the need to uplift and enhance the working environment to support the wellness and mental health of their employees.  

Flexible Spaces 

It’s clear from the statistics that most employees have been working from their homes in the last year. With more and more remote workers coming back to the office, it’s evident that the workspace will soon become a hub. It’ll act as a support to this new home office reality and will be a place for all these remote and non-remote workers to come back to at different times of the day. A work space that is welcoming and adaptive, moving away from former rigid structures. Creative design planning and strategizing will come in handy in getting this balance right.  

Biophilic Design is All The Rage 

The need for a calming, therapeutic, and comforting environment is a trend in design these days. Biophilic design involves combining natural elements with design features such as natural light and plants, to satisfy our innate desire for connection with nature. 

Creating Peaceful Sanctuaries 

Wellbeing is the name of the game, so we need to have some quiet space to encourage peace and clarity. Creating restful retreats offers “pause-pods” for those needing to regain their headspace and find balance. This trend is both relevant in the home and office space. The home version could look like a secret garden or a quiet courtyard, while a corporate version may express as a zen room or conservatory.  

Nostalgic Space 

When something is old, it’s typically filled with nostalgia from our past. Newstalgic is a creative blend of old and new. It offers a comfortable feeling through familiarity while also blending in modern design. In this way, it’s nostalgia experienced through a contemporary lens: something new and exciting that feels familiar. 

Colour Trends 

Bloodstone Reds: you’ll see rich reds this season. This gorgeous colour will become more intense, with bloodstone adding to the mix. It’s predicted to be a long-term trend, and there should be plenty of it – as it’s going to stick around for a while yet. 

Layered Neutrals 

People are looking for a calmer space. They want to be surrounded by a neutral color palette that feels warm and soothing. This is especially true when it comes to home decor. For this reason, designers are recommending tonal arrangements of neutrals, which have a quality that makes them feel more tactile. 

Shades of Grey 

This design theme is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Grey is a stylish color on its own, but it pairs especially well with neutrals. The palette ranges from light greys to dark slates, and chrome always has a place in the mix. 

Nuanced Greens 

These greens are soothing and natural. They are a key component for a lush palette, but can also serve as the perfect foil for more grounded colors. The shades support our wanderlust for the great outdoors, and can be used across all other color palettes. 

Earthy Yellows 

This color palette will bring you a sense of warmth and comfort in the post-pandemic era. Pairing nicely with subtle neutrals, this hue brings a sleek sensation to the overall palette. Bursts of golden shades lift and enliven the scene.  

Velvety Browns 

Last year, it was all about brown. This year, the color becomes richer and more vibrant. With shades that are almost edible, like molten chocolate and deeper truffle hues, it’s no wonder that this color will continue to shine into 2022.  

Big Blue 

Muted blues are the new black. This season, the color of popularity is much deeper and more muted. The variety of blues is impressive – from light to dark – and can be used to create depth in any space.  

BoConcept have developed two distinct colour palettes, serving as a brilliant guide for interiors. One is the Metropolitan palette, best described as Quiet Luxury, and features deep, saturated earthy tones. The other one, Calming Neutrals, is Scandi-inspired and switches the traditional white and off-white Nordic base for warmer, creamier hues. Find inspiration here, and allow their interior designers to work with you in creating a space that is as extraordinary as you are.  

About BoConcept 

BoConcept was founded in 1952 in Denmark and is today the world’s most global furniture retailer, with over 300 stores spanning 64 countries. The brand works with award-winning designers to create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting for private homes and business spaces. Under the heading ‘Live ‘Ekstraordinær,’ BoConcept iscommitted to bringingits flexible Interior Design Service and industry-leading customisation to spaces both private and public – without compromising on design vision or aesthetics.  

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