Big Bag Filling Machines Help You Increase Production

The way to increase profits is to maximize the amount of product you’re able to send out the door every day. But when your production machines are running at top speed, the only logical way to maximize the amount of product you can package and ship is to increase the capacity of the packages. This is where a big bag filling machine can help you increase your company profits, and do it safely. 

Big bag filling machines are built to withstand the added weight and mass that are a part of this increase in capacity. They allow you to utilize the same production space as ordinary bag filling machines, yet they can increase your output to increase profit potential. 

Automate Your Processes

Automating your production processes is a natural follow-through to introducing these higher capacity big bag filling machines. By automating every stage after the filling process, you’re not limited by the lower weights your employees can safely lift. You can employ conveyor systems and robot palletization systems to be able to handle the added weight and mass of your increased packaging sizes without affecting the speed of your production. 

By automating these processes, you also lessen the risks to your employees dealing with the higher weights of your packaging because they’re having minimal contact with the packaging process. It’s the same with the palletization process. By taking the limitations of the human body out of the process, you’re free to increase the amount and size of the product being shipped. 

Combine Systems to Achieve a Greater Capacity

A big bag filling machine should be supported by machines and systems that are designed to complement it. Increasing capacity requires some planning to achieve the greatest efficiency and prevent bottlenecks from occurring. Before you purchase a big bag filling machine, ensure you’re able to keep the hopper filled at all times during the packaging process. 

Combine them with a conveyor system that is robust enough to transport the filled bags to the warehouse and ensure your warehouse can accommodate the increased daily capacity as well. This is where a robot palletization system can help you. With this type of palletization system, the movements of your products become logical and streamlined. There are no traffic jams or human errors. Your pallets are stacked in an orderly fashion. 

This especially useful when you deal with food products where spoilage can be an issue if they are left in the warehouse too long. With a robot palletization system, you can program the system so that your products will always be first in, first out.

Let NKT Show You All Your Options

NKT has been established in Thailand since 1998. They have become the experts in proving bagging and weighing machines as well as conveyors and robot palletization systems. They can open your eyes to what is possible to achieve in production processes in your industry. 

Let the experts at NKT show you how you can safely increase your profits by increasing your production capacity.

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