Why You Should Use an Executive Recruitment Service

In a city as big as Bangkok, one would logically think that finding the right candidate for a senior position would be relatively simple and speedy. With 15 million people to choose from, plus all the international candidates who would love to move to Bangkok for work, there must be a qualified candidate out there for every position. Alas, many companies struggle to find the right candidate on their own and turn to executive recruitment services to assist them in their search.

In Bangkok, there are many executive recruitment services available for companies, given the sheer volume of companies and workers out there. Luckily, many executive recruitment services are catered to a specific industry to help narrow down the candidate and job scope. Whatever your industry is, there is an executive recruitment service in Bangkok that can help you find the best candidate.

If you have posted a new job opening but are struggling to get a qualified candidate to take the bait, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring an executive recruitment service to get the job done for you.

Speed Is a Priority

Hiring for an open position is all about timing. If the role was previously filled, you want to find a replacement as soon as possible so as to not cause any issues with workflow. Many companies face problems when an employee leaves because their hole cannot be filled by the remaining staff for too long. 

Similarly, when you are hiring for a new position, you try to hire before you need the person in the office contributing on a daily basis. However, this can often be a pipe dream. Hiring takes time, and if you are looking for a new hire, it’s likely that you don’t have too much time on your hands as it is. 

With time being of the essence, it’s critical that you get your new staff in the office and contribute to the team as quickly as possible. When you work with an executive recruitment service, they provide you with a stack of qualified candidates in a short period of time. They have candidates on hand they can quickly source and sort through, and also have a database of other candidates they keep an eye on from afar. 

Weed Out Poor Candidates

Most of recruiting and hiring is reading resumes and cover letters, doing background checks, and performing other aspects of candidate research. Since it’s a common practice to apply to many jobs, even if they are out of your league, that means that many companies are overloaded with applications from under-qualified candidates.

Executive recruitment services will do the sifting for you, leaving you to only focus on the candidates who have been vetted. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it reading resumes for people who aren’t qualified. 

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