Water Filters are the Heart of Purifiers

Your water purifier is only as effective as the water filter in the purifier. This has been a well-known fact for ages, ever since the first purifiers were invented. The quality and construction of the water filter represent the “business end” of every water purifier on the planet. 

With more people being concerned about their health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, water purifiers are coming under more scrutiny as to their effectiveness, and the facet under the spotlight is the filter in this new breed of purifiers.

Age Old Problem of Purification

The digital age has brought with it a new level of connectivity through the internet. You can now connect with not just people but objects and appliances as well. One of these appliances is the water purifier. Digital age water purifiers have managed to solve a problem that purifiers have wrestled with since their inception.

The problem is knowing how often to change the water filter. These filters accumulate sediments and impurities over time, as they’re designed to do. And once they’re full, they need to be changed to maintain the purifier’s effectiveness. But how do you gauge when they’re full?

In the old days, the purifier manufacturers used three to four months as the standard time for changing the filter. But this standard was the same for heavy-use office purifiers used by many employees or light-use home purifiers used by a small family. 

Connectivity is the Key

The connectivity of the internet solved the problem. Water purifiers in the digital age are connected to their manufacturer. The manufacturer constantly monitors the volume of water flowing through the filter. Using volume as a measurement instead of time provides them with more accurate data. An office may receive a recommendation to change their filter every two months, while the small family may only need to change their filter every five months. 

Some of these manufacturers even have an app that you can check on your smartphone to both know you’re your filter should be changed and ensure your family is drinking enough water. 

Improved Water Filters

While the internet provides a solution to changing the filter, the filter itself has also gone through a dramatic level of advancement over the filters of the past. Most people assume that a water filter is just like a coffee filter, but in modern water purifiers these days, the water filter is a complex, multi-filtration device. 

The filter may have several layers of filtration that are designed to focus on different impurities. They are designed to remove not only sediment, dirt and larger impurities but also chemicals, pollutants and even bacteria and viruses. The water filters may also add traces of minerals to improve the taste and healthy properties of the water. 

There are so many improvements over the old style of water purifiers and filters that a manufacturer should be the source of further information about them. To learn more about the vast improvements in water purifiers, contact Snaptec today.    

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