Indulge Your Kid’s Love of Wild Clothes in Malaysia

Kids begin to develop their likes and dislikes as early as one year of age when it comes to food and somewhere around the age of two when it comes to developing a sense of style and taste. Every person remembers their worst day as a young child when they had to wear something so offensive to their developing taste in clothes that it causes nightmares to this day. 

But shopping for kid’s clothes in Malaysia offers so many choices, wherever you look, that your kids don’t have to ever suffer from the indignity of wearing something that, deep in their heart, they know is wrong for them. 

People are supposed to learn from the bad events they’ve experienced. And it may seem trivial to you now, but everyone remembers the horror and shame they felt at having to wear something perfectly hideous in front of (gasp) a crowd of your peers. It doesn’t matter whether you were a boy or girl at the time. 

Parents May Foil Every Attempt to Look Cool

Now that you have kids of your own, don’t make the same mistakes as your parents; bless their hearts. Don’t be that parent who foils your kid’s attempt to look cool. You’ll be resented for the rest of your days. Try and spend some time bonding with your children and exploring their sense of style. 

If they choose something you wouldn’t be caught dead in, remind yourself that you’re not the one wearing it and support their decision. If it’s the wrong style for everyone, they’ll soon hear about it from their friends and come running to you for support. And this is where you wanted to be in the first place. Isn’t it?

To be a respected voice in a fashion and ‘what’s cool’ conversation with your kids is the dream of every modern parent. 

Study the Latest Fashions and Trust Your Instincts

Before you’re invited into that sacred conversation, you’ll have to prove that you’re worthy of the trust that goes along with such an important assignment. Study the latest fashions and develop a sense of what’s good and bad. Also, be prepared to have a heart attack if your kid asks for your fashion advice. Most children aren’t 180 degrees from their parents in taste; you may be closer than you think. 

Notice what they’re wearing and try and appreciate their decisions in clothing and the reasons why they’re wearing a certain fashion. Is it to fit in with a specific crowd? Is it to attract certain people? Is it to make a political or cultural statement? 

Understanding why they are wearing certain fashions makes you look a lot wiser and more aware than if you just say you like it or hate it. It also provides you with a lot more influence when you sit down with your child to shop online for kid’s clothes in Malaysia. 

Rookie is a good place to start. With a wide variety of well-made styles and colors to choose from, you’ll soon be having a lively conversation that you’ll both enjoy.   

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