Get the Benefits of an SME Accounting System

Reap the Benefits of an SME Accounting System

Most effective business accounting software is designed for large companies with equally large software budgets. Managers running an SME or startup are often frustrated by this. But they’re forced to pay for the software because they have to perform the same accounting functions as their larger competitors.

Professional accountants in the early days of their independent careers had the same problem. How could they compete with older, established accounting firms that had almost unlimited infrastructure budgets?

Bukku Created a System for Smaller Businesses

Bukku recognised the problem. They realised that and set out to provide an SME accounting system that every company could afford. They saw that one of the underlying infrastructure expenses in running accounting software was the separate servers needed to ensure data privacy. 

When your startup or SME funding is strictly allocated, having to buy even one piece of equipment can be a hardship that may mean doing without needs in another company department. Bukku designed their entire accounting system to be cloud-based, so extra servers will never be needed, no matter how much your business grows.

They digitally streamlined some of the most labour-intensive data entry tasks, so you don’t have to spend precious hours accomplishing something that can be done digitally in seconds. 

Digital Shoebox

An example of this is Bukku’s Digital Shoebox. This is a digital update of something every accountant in the world has encountered, the need to save receipts. The shoebox often serves as an appropriate depository. 

Bukku simply took the concept of storing vast quantities of different sizes and types of receipts and adapted it to digital software. Employees wanting to claim their receipts as expenses used to save them, manually add them up, and then turn in the whole package to the company accountant. It was cumbersome as a system and often led to lost receipts and errors on the accounting end. 

With the Bukku Digital Shoebox, receipts can now be bulk uploaded to the accounting software via WhatsApp or email. The receipts are automatically keyed-in in under a minute with the highest level of accuracy. The multi-user access ability of the Bukku software allows employees to focus their time on growing the business instead of adding up receipts. 

Three-tiered Approach

Entrepreneurs, accountants just starting out, and SME business owners also applauded the way Bukku took a three-tiered approach to the design of their accounting software. 

Companies start with less software, then as their operations grow and their accounting needs become more complex, they can add onto the original software. The three tiers are called Launch, Growth, and Premium. 

Launch is a free program that allows young companies to track their sales and generate professional-looking invoices. Companies then pay for additional accounting capabilities. With the Premium costing only RM 99 a month, this system provides affordable accounting software to every Malaysian accountant, startup and SME. 

Contact Bukku to learn more about what our software offers, or try our free thirty-day trial.     

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