An Introduction to Selective Racking Systems

Selective Pallet Racking Systems and Their Benefits

Ensuring efficiency within your storage facilities is essential for those who need to handle product warehousing and logistics. Your staff needs to locate and move products as needed to maintain good shipping schedules and make product deliveries on time.

A good racking system can help ensure that these warehousing goals are met, and products are stored effectively. Selective pallet racking systems are the most common approach to product storage and warehousing for a variety of products. This article will give you an overview of selective racking systems and the main benefits of employing them.

What are Selective Racking Systems?

Selective pallet racking systems allow users to select any pallet from the storage system without moving any other pallets. They provide a heavy-duty racking solution for warehousing items before shipment and are typically created from steel, allowing them to store a wide variety of goods. 

Types of Selective Racking Systems

There are a few different varieties of selective racking systems. 

Roll Form

The most common type is roll form selective pallet racking, constructed from tubular roll-formed steel. This specific shaping of the steel provides a high level of rigidity and damage resistance, which gives them increased stability. Roll form selective racking systems are very versatile and are great for a variety of racking applications. These racks are also easy to upgrade and expand later on to fit evolving storage needs.    


While they are less common than roll form racks, structural selective racks are stronger and more durable. They are specially designed to withstand greater levels of daily wear and tear, with welded trusses and high-capacity beams that provide high stability. 

This type of racking is ideal for warehouses with harsh conditions, including freezers, coolers, or warehouses that handle extremely heavy loads. Like roll form racking systems, these are very versatile and are found in many storage environments. They can also be upgraded or expanded easily. 

Benefits of Selective Racking Systems

There are numerous advantages to selective racking systems, making them a widely-used storage and warehousing solution. These systems present an extremely convenient storage method since their simplicity allows easy access to all pallets in the system. Additionally, selective pallet racking systems are the least expensive system when considering the cost of equipment and maintenance. 

In addition, these systems are very strong and can hold a large amount of weight. Their stability allows them to support a wide range of product types, meaning that you can store small quantities of a diversified range of goods or large quantities of homogenous goods. This type of system is extremely versatile and can serve a wide range of warehousing needs. 

Installing Selective Racking Systems

Selective rackings systems are an extremely useful way to manage items in a warehousing context. They are easy to integrate into existing systems, so there is no need to rebuild your warehouse to begin using them. There are many reasons to consider this very useful and versatile racking solution.

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