Enjoy the Beauty of a Luxury Private Villa in Bangkok


Explore a development that is slowly changing the face of Bangkok. Mulberry Grove Villas is one facet of The Forestias development in Bangkok. People can live in a luxury private villa in the middle of a natural forest and still be within an easy commute to the city. 

Bangkok is known as a vast, sprawling city that’s home to millions of people. The streets and sidewalks are clogged with car and foot traffic every day, and many people have resigned themselves to the Bangkok of today. 

But one progressive developer doesn’t think that people need to accept something that can be changed. With careful planning and incorporating the natural environment into those plans, there can be pockets of greenery and natural trees that make the city more liveable. 

Mulberry Grove Villas

Mulberry Grove Villas are spacious, luxury private villas that provide intergenerational living space for families, surrounded by natural greenery and mature trees. Mulberry Grove is part of The Forestias development planned for the Bangna area of Bangkok. 

Mulberry Grove Villas offers a clustered approach to living that creates a close-knit neighbourhood of people taking care of one another. The villas are interconnected with walkways that invite multiple generations of a family to live in adjacent villas. 

The villas are designed to be flexible and offer various floor plans to comfortably accommodate small or large families. With a spacious open-air design that features large windows overlooking the surrounding natural environment, your family will feel as if they’re far away from the big city. 

Purchasing the ultimate villa residence in Bangkok also entitles your family to use the Mulberry Reserve Club. This exclusive private club offers the Play Room, a room just for the kids with games, toys and activities to keep young minds active and engaged.  

For adults, the club also has The Studio. This modern, air-conditioned fitness room has the best in state-of-the-art aerobic and weight-training equipment for active adults. 

The Mulberry Reserve Club also features a steam room, sauna, and large, luxurious swimming pool where you can relax and play with your family and gaze out at the natural environment that surrounds you. 

Close to Shopping and Other Needs

Part of the beauty of investing in a luxury villa at Mulberry Grove is that while a natural environment will surround you, you’ll still be very close to all the shopping, dining, and other facilities that a family needs to make their lifestyle complete. 

The MegaBangna Shopping Mall is just a few minutes’ drive from The Forestias, and the central business district of the city is easily reached by car or by taking the Airport Express rapid transit train.  

Enjoy Family Life Surrounded by Nature

The progressive concept behind the Mulberry Grove Villas allows a family to live a modern lifestyle surrounded by healthy greenery in a warm, inviting community but still enjoy all the benefits of city living. 

Contact MQDC to learn more about the lifestyle that awaits you at Mulberry Grove Villas.