Finding the Best Massage Chair in Singapore

Everywhere you look these days, you’re likely to find a massage chair. In waiting rooms, hair salons, and shopping malls, you’ll find a row of massage chairs occupied by grateful customers relaxing their aching muscles. And they seem to be all over Changi Airport, providing comfort to weary travellers. But what determines the best massage chair in Singapore? Where should you go to experience the best massage chair on the island?

There’s no doubt that massage chairs have evolved with the advances in technology over the years to offer an incredible massage experience today. What once was little more than vibrating pads inserted into a comfortable chair have become a total experience that rivals a massage at the best spas. But how do you rate the best massage chairs? 

Definition of a Good Massage Chair

A good massage chair should start by fitting in with the rest of the décor. Massage chairs resembling a prop from a sci-fi movie laboratory aren’t very inviting or comfortable. And comfort should be the number one goal of the best massage chairs. 

They also should be easy to operate. Older adults and the infirm benefit immensely from massage chairs. But a massage chair with a hard-to-understand control panel deters many people from using it simply because they don’t understand how to make it do what they want it to. 

A massage chair with an easy-to-use, simple control layout is what elderly and infirm people are looking for. 

The third requirement for a quality massage chair is to offer much more than a simple massage on the lower back. Although lower back problems afflict a large percentage of the adult population in this day and age, they’re not the only muscle problem causing pain.

Foot Reflexology

Many massage chair manufacturers have included foot reflexology in their models of massage chairs. Foot reflexology is one of the most valuable additions to a massage chair in this day and age, although the philosophy behind the practice goes back ages to ancient China.

The practice works with pressure points in the foot to increase the circulation and improve various other areas of the body besides the feet. 

Arms and Legs

The best massage chairs in Singapore also go the extra mile and offer massage areas that provide relief to the lower arms and legs as well as the torso and feet. 

The lower arms and legs are some of the most-used parts of the body on a daily basis. They were all but neglected in the massage chairs of old. But in the current modern massage chair designs, the legs and arms are enveloped and offered their own massage units. 

Several manufacturers are in contention for the best massage chair in Singapore. But the best massage chair is not in a waiting room or hair salon. It’s also not in the most upscale shopping mall on the island or in any of the terminals in Changi Airport.

The best massage chair is the one that’s in the living room or den of your home. That’s the one that will offer you the most health benefits. Contact Ogawa to see their entire line of home massage chairs.    

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