Enjoy the Pleasures of an Oceanfront Resort in Samui

The ocean has a strong attraction for everyone and is the number one destination for people planning a vacation. Booking a stay at an oceanfront resort in Samui is the perfect solution for families who want to experience a warm, calm and clear tropical ocean for the first time. 

Some family members may be content to walk along the beach and gaze out at the ocean. Some members may want to try their hand at snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. And there may be some family members that are avid divers and want to experience the colorful marine life and coral reefs in the Gulf of Thailand.

Gateway to Ocean Activities

When you book a stay at an oceanfront resort in Samui, you’ll find that the resort serves as a gateway to all the marine activities your family members have always dreamed about experiencing. Samui is an island that offers a large variety of activities on, above and beneath the clear warm waters of the gulf.  

For the kids, there are wet and exciting banana boat rides to enjoy. Or take to the skies and experience the thrills of parasailing. The more adventurous ones can also start to explore the undersea world by learning how to snorkel. The older family members may be content to walk along the beach in the evening and enjoy a spectacular tropical sunset. By booking your vacation at the Kimpton Kitalay Samui, a pet-friendly Samui resort, you can even bring your dog to walk along the beach and share the sunset with you. 

The resort can also arrange for any type of family activity. The whole family can hire a speedboat to explore the many tropical islands around Samui. Or book a dive trip aboard one of the island’s dive boats. There are two dive companies conveniently located on Choengmon Beach, right near the Kimpton resort. 

Enjoy the Tropical Beach Lifestyle

One of the most seductive aspects of a tropical vacation on Samui is letting yourself fall into the tropical beach lifestyle for a week or two, with the gentle sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep every night and provide a rhythm for the day’s activities. Enjoy breakfast by the sea until the kids pester you to join them on the beach, where you’ll help them build sand castles and hunt for shells along the tideline. 

After lunch, relax under a palm tree with a good book while the kids take the dog for a walk and enjoy splashing in the water. Maybe book a family trip to visit a Buddhist temple later in the afternoon before ending your day with a sunset drink and a seafood dinner under the stars. 

Spending your vacation beside the ocean is known to ease stress for vacationers. It’s the perfect way to relax and escape your hectic life for a while. Book a stay at the Kimpton Kitalay Samui Resort on Choengmon Beach in Samui for your next family vacation. Your whole family will love a tropical beach vacation. 

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