The Psychological Importance of Hair

For individuals struggling with hair loss, they may often consider non surgical hair replacement. This is because hair is a key part of our self-image and self-expression, and these aspects can be ruthlessly squashed by hair loss. Even though there are no physically harmful effects from hair loss, the psychological effects can be quite significant and can impair the quality of life. 

Why is Hair Important?

There is a lot of symbolism with hair, and as such healthy hair is typically associated with the perception of good looks, charm, beauty, class, and power. In addition to this, hair can make a statement in terms of cultural origin and social affiliation. Hair is so important to individuals that a ‘bad hair day’ can be considered to ruin one’s day. With hair loss, every day would be a bad hair day. Preparing your hair is an important part of getting ready to face the social world, and if you no longer have hair you can no longer control the social signals that it conveys. 

Psychological consequences

 Hair loss can be considered a disfigurement that affects a person’s sense of self and identity. Hair loss is associated with a high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidities. There is great psycho-emotional and psychosocial stress with hair loss, particularly in relation to anxiety, depression, social phobia, and personality disorders. Ironically, hair loss can cause these psychological disorders, but these disorders can also trigger or worsen hair loss, leading to a vicious cycle. 

The psychological effects of hair loss include embarrassment, humiliation, low self-esteem, altered self- and body-image, and less enjoyable social engagements. This has been shown to result in reduced leisure and outdoor activities, and decreased social engagements to avoid negative emotions. These factors lead to self-isolation, anxiety and depression. Clinical symptoms, functional behavior, and emotional stability as well as anxiety and worry about hair loss all affect a person’s quality of life. These serious consequences can cause intense emotional suffering. 

In medical terms, hair loss can cause a wide variety of conditions such as antisocial personality disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, adjustment disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social phobia. 


Nida Skin Cosmetic offers the service of hair transplants, in order to mitigate and eliminate the threat of permanent hair loss. In the technique called UR Cell Micro Hair Transplant, healthy hair follicle stem cells are harvested from hair roots. These hair follicle stem cells can then be applied onto bad hair roots in order for the healthy hair cells to replicate and repair damaged hair follicles. This procedure provides a wide variety of benefits such as improving confidence, youthful looks, and improved mental health. If you’re looking to restore your hair to the beautiful state it once was in, Nida Skin Cosmetic provides non surgical hair replacement. 

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