Laundry Service in and Around Chidlom

If you’re an expat or just a young single living in Bangkok, doing household chores (especially laundry) can be quite a drag. But thankfully, living around the Chidlom area, it’s easy to find a laundry service in Chidlom. Being in the heart of the bustling city has its advantages and disadvantages, but Chidlom provides great access to many services for the busy office crowd. Washing laundry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and especially young singles who are living their best life in the city, being stuck at home doing laundry isn’t an ideal way of spending one’s Saturday night. 

If you add up the amount of time taken to do laundry every week, it adds up to a significant chunk of time that you can spend being more productive. Learn a new skill or watch the digital fintech trends. Anything but watching your washing machine going round and round for 4 to 5 hours each week. For some who have more delicate items, the number of hours can grow exponentially and even more if you have to do washing for your significant other. 

Using a laundry service doesn’t mean you’re copping out to being lazy. When your earning capacity increases, you will need to start making more efficient use of your time. Most high-net worth professionals do not spend their time doing household chores like laundry because it costs them several times more money doing it themselves than just hiring a laundry service to do it for them. Imagine if Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos spent their time doing laundry, we wouldn’t have Space X or Blue Origin right now. Being an entrepreneur or even a billionaire, time becomes your most valuable commodity and not money in itself. 

While washing your own clothes sounds easy, putting your clothes in the washing machine is just the first step of doing laundry. After you’re done washing, there’s the drying portion and depending on the type of clothes and materials they’re made of, the drying process can get even more complicated, which means even more time is spent on a task that you could easily outsource to a laundry service in Chidlom. After drying, there’s the process of folding and organizing your clothes neatly. Why would anyone want to spend several hours each week doing all that when they could easily just drop off and pick up their clothes at a laundry service? 

High-end fashion brands or even specialized clothes require special skills or techniques to clean. And a professional laundry service would have the expertise and experience to ensure that your high-end clothing isn’t damaged during the washing process. 

The next time you see a pile of dirty laundry staring back at you in the corner of your room, know that there’s a laundry service in Chidlom with your name on it. And that you are just making better choices in how your time is spent and not just because you’re too lazy to do laundry. Just ask yourself, would we have the iPhone today if Steve Jobs did something as mundane as doing his own laundry? 

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