Considering a Rental Locker in Bangkok

For most of us Bangkokians, living in a one-bedroom apartment means that our bedroom is no more than a few meters from our front door. This means that in the event of a break-in, a thief can find your valuables in a rather short amount of time. And unless you’re like John Wick, who has a knack for hiding a surprising (and alarming) amount of items in walls or under the floor, there’s a limited amount of places where you can store your valuables away from prying eyes. 

What other ways are there to keep your valuables safe? You could probably store it with a friend or your family who has a safe. But that becomes tricky if you have documents or jewelry that you would like to keep private and confidential and would not want to share that information with another person.

Using a Rental Locker

You could consider a rental locker service right here in Bangkok. There are many pros to using a rental locker. Some of these are:

  • Privacy – Nobody will need to know what you keep inside your locker.
  • Security – There’s 24-hour surveillance and onsite security to ensure your items are kept safe and secure. They use many advanced security technologies, including biometric fingerprint access, face scanning, and 24-hour CCTV. 
  • Safety – Safe deposit boxes are built to a high standard with reinforced concrete walls and protected with fireproof doors and fire protection systems. 
  • Convenience – You can choose from a variety of rental periods, from as little as 3 months or an annual contract. The choice is up to you, and you can tailor it to your needs. 
  • Affordable – A safety deposit box at a storage facility can cost as little as THB6,000/year. 

Not only will your items be safe, nobody needs to know what you keep inside your private safe deposit box. There’s 24 hour

JWD Store It!

JWD Store It! is a joint venture between JWD InfoLogistics and Store It! and is a part of the larger JWD Group of Companies that was established in 1979. JWD InfoLogistics is one of the top services provided in the ASEAN region and offers a full range of logistics and supply chain management solutions that meet the needs of all your business-specific requirements. 

Store It! is one of the pioneers in Singapore’s self-storage industry. Starting in 2005, they have grown their customer base in Singapore into two self-storage facilities in Singapore. 

Store It! has five easily accessible storage facilities in Bangkok in these locations: Srikreetha, Siam, Thiam Ruam Mint, Ramintra, and Rama9. This is to ensure that customers will have convenient access to our storage solutions. 

Visit us today to learn more about how we can assist you with a convenient and affordable storage solution! 

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