Serving Imported Red Wine is a Sign of Sophistication

Serving Imported Red Wine is a Sign of Elegance

It doesn’t matter what type of food you serve. One of the ways to elevate the meals you serve in your restaurant is to offer guests a variety of imported red wines to enjoy with their meals. 

Red wines are being combined with dishes that have never before been paired with wine. It’s a sign of the food world’s increased adventurism and willingness to embrace new experiences. For individual cuisines, it expands the ingredients’ flavors and adds new and unusual accents to the dishes you thought you knew well. 

Magic of Red Wine

Full-bodied red wines are growing in popularity in Thailand. Syrahs, Cabernets, Chiantis, Merlots, Beaujolais, and other varieties of full-bodied red wines first created in the Mediterranean countries of Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy have become the favourite wines to be paired with hearty and spicy foods. They are a perfect accompaniment to Thai cuisine.

Hearty red wines are made from dark-coloured grapes with thick skins. The grape’s pips are also added to the fermented mixture to create the wine. The pips contribute to the dry mouthfeel of the tannins in the wine.  

The tannins and the compounds added by the oak aging process create the magic and complex appeal of full-bodied red wines. Aging red wines in oak barrels impart aroma compounds that include vanillin. These compounds help add body and balance out the harshness and ‘edge’ of young wines. New oak barrels are more effective than older barrels at imparting these compounds. These barrels are sometimes ‘toasted.’ A flame torch is inserted into the barrel to char the interior. The charring adds different esters that add flavour and depth to a wine. 

Most of the full-bodied red wines on the market today are aged for twelve months or longer to achieve the depth and complexity the winemaker is looking for. Winemaking strives for a delicate balance of flavour, mouthfeel, structure, and depth. The craft combines the science of chemistry with an understanding of soil, weather conditions, and botany to achieve the magic that delights food lovers all over the globe. 

Imported Red Wines from Ambrose Wines and Spirits

Finding a reliable supplier of imported red wines allows restaurants in Thailand to raise the quality level of the food services they provide. Ambrose Wines and Spirits are one of the most efficient and high-quality suppliers in the country. 

They carry imported brands from winemaking countries around the world, including Montes, Hardys, Piccini, Yellow Tail, and Robert Mondavi. They also have four locations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Samui, and Phuket to serve their customers. 

Ambrose Wines and Spirits are increasing the sophistication of the restaurant industry in Thailand. We offer wholesale and direct-to-consumer services from our four locations. Ordering is easy. Pick up the phone and contact the nearest branch to your location, and we’ll supply you with a wine list of the varieties we carry. Increase the sophistication of your restaurant by stocking a variety of quality red wines.  

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