A Design Thinking + Data Mindset, People Transformation and Culture Talk with Tirasak Wong-ahingsa (Warm), Head of Culture and People Transformation at Krungsri Nimble Bangkok, Thailand


Agile Transformation, Digital Transformation, Service Design, Design Thinking UX, the Digital Products, Technology tools, Innovation, Agile Way of Work, Build Design Thinking, Service Design, UX for the business and Team are the areas of a new territory that top corporate companies today mainly focus. 

Tirasak is one of experts in Thailand who has massive experiences in Project Manager Agile Coach Scrum Master Product Owner with a demonstrative history of working in the Banking and Insurance industry. Regarding specific expertise, he is skilled in Stock Exchange, Business Transformation, Scrum, Solution Delivery, Design Thinking, Product discovery and Problem Management.

We have learned that he is an expert in IT in financial and banking sector, holding titles such as Transformation at Krungsri Consumer – VP Agile Transformation at KTB – AVP Agile Digital Transformation at Krungsri – Agile Coach / Scrum Master and Head Culture and People Transformation at Krungsri Nimble – Lead Agility. This includes his certified capacities: UX – Certified Scrum Master – Certified Kanban Professional – Certified Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) – Certified Agile for Marketing and more.

Luxury Society Asia: Thanks for joining us today. You mentioned that you are holding Diploma and Bachelor of Computer Science. What does technology mean to you?

Tirasak: My view is rather on Technology with Experience. It should be considered as Experience that uses technology tools to help or make life easier. Service Design and Customer Journey are one of the keys.Technology is a key matter that helps your business grow and fast scale up in global business.

The client’s expectation is higher; everybody wants something better, faster and more capable to adapt with game changing. It does not matter where you are, whether in product or service industry, you cannot run away from technology in today business. So, please adapt yourself and use technology to manage your relevant works and personal lifestyle.

Luxury Society Asia: Tell us – What future skills will the young generation needs in tech?

Tirasak: New Tech, Empathy, Design skill, Not T shape but W shape. Understand more how to use data with new technology. Those are skills that I would recommend going in deep. In the past years, we looked at people in I shape. However, I would say today is all about Comb-Shape Skills. To make you easy to understand what we talk, here is a sum chart for you to see the difference of each skill’s set.

I Shaped: Deep down knowledge, you can have expertise in one of specific areas such as Java script coding.

T Shaped: If you want to be a supervisor or leader, deep skills are not enough. You also need a wide range of skills.

U Shaped: You need to learn and know a variety of skill set, including creating new products or innovations.

Comb-Shaped: This is a stack of skills that make you know things deeply and broadly. It also enables you to link and connect them together. You need both hard and soft skills, plus leadership, communications and more. This is the future skills for me.

Last but not lease, you need A Design Thinking + Data Mindset. To make everybody understand this easily, I have an infographic to share with you. We hope this will help you to build successful product.

Luxury Society Asia: You also spend your time to support Thai communities by providing some relevant trainings and coaching people, how do you manage your “Work-Life Balance”, what do you like to do when you have free or leisure time? 

Tirasak: I think Work-life balance depends on what kind of life means to you. Life may be about family or travel, but for me is more about time management. I try not to do things in my free time. 

Connect me via: www.linkedin.com/in/tirasak-wong-ahingsa