Six Must-Have Luxurious Yet Functional Accessories

When it comes to dressing up, clothing items are the show stealer, not so much the accessories. Clothing is no more supposed to be related to escapism as it once used to be in the fashion industry. Now, the affair of dressing up is more about comfort, beauty, and function, including luxurious accessories, such as bags, watches, hats, and shoes.

The truth is that we don’t really need accessories, but we still want them. When it comes to our feet, we’d like to keep them comfy and soft. Our face masks, which are mandatory now, can be stylish and comfy while you can match them up with your daily outfits.

Nonetheless, the essential accessories for 2021 are the survivalist ones: tote bags, water bottles, and bicycles. Trust us when we tell you that you can look stylish and chic with the essential accessories mentioned in the below-given list:


What do you reckon have been the most popular shoes in the last year? Were the most popular pair of shoe stilettos or white sneakers, or maybe purple pumps? The answer is that it was none of these. The most popular accessories for last year were Uggs, Crocs, and the high-in-demand Birkenstocks.

2021’s most economical yet stylish proposition of shoe accessories are slip-on, slipper-slides, and slippers in general. If you want a tad bit of heels, go for kitten heels to get that stylish, chic, and comfortable look.

Totes & Bags

The best things for 2021 are handmade, simple, yet appealing, such as straw bags and market totes. The best thing about totes is that you can dump everything in them and carry it with you at all times. You don’t have to worry about leaving your sunblock, water bottle, goggles, and keychains at home. Dump everything that you want in your stylish tote and enjoy your day at the beach.

Phone Cases

Lanyards attached with phone cases are functional, reliable, and the mist-have accessories for 2021. These aren’t for the forgetful people anymore. These are for everyone who wants to hold onto their phones and never lose them while keeping their hands off from the phone. Whenever you leave the house, you can have peace of mind that you have the phone with you at all times. Phone cases and stylish lanyards are essential accessories that everyone should have in 2021.

Face Masks

We understand that the mask is here to stay for the long run – it’s not going anywhere soon! As long as the pandemic is around and people are getting vaccinated, the mask is less of an accessory and more of a necessity. That said, it is time to turn it into a fashion statement. Designers are adding their magic to these must-have items. For 2021, make sure to garnish the masks with chains, colorful patterns, and bows.

Oversized Hats

Anything oversized adds a touch of drama to the already dramatic world of 2021. That said, oversized hats and toppers are the number one accessories for summer 2021. Not only will he oversized hats protect you from the blazing sun, but they will also serve as the ultimate fashion statement as you will switch the styles and match them with different outfits.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are the ultimate fashion accessories in 2021 that you should rock with the motto of staying hydrated at all times. 2021 is the perfect year for taking a minimalist approach while behaving in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Fendi water bottles, for instance, come in a variety of styles that you can keep with you and look hip as always.

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