Action Hair Salon: Luxury Ambience and Top Quality Hairdressing Experiences

In the Dynamic world of the Hair & Beauty Industry, Idealism and Creativity are just as essential as pragmatism and practicality. A balance of these qualities creates an ideal combination for developing a successful company and creating impeccable premium services. 

The combination, of Caring Attitude to each client,  with the salon’s Unique Features and Professionalism  that has led the Famous Action Hair Salon to the high status as one of the Industry Leaders in the country. This year the company celebrates another Major Achievement – it became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Hair Salons in Singapore.

Action Hair Salon established in 1998 by Sonnie Tan, Executive Director and Vinn Wong, Master Stylist & Managing Director, and together they positioned the salon to be in the Vanguard of the industry. Both dedicated all their efforts to reach the Top. Action took only a couple of months to expand from a humble team of two to six professionals, and when the opportunities arrived, the salon moved to Paragon Shopping Centre, occupying a bigger space with opportunities that provides new premium services to customers. Since then, the company continues to actively develop, explore industry opportunities, and launch new premium services.

The list of services includes Haircut, Styling, Wash & Blow, Chemical Services, Supplemental Treatments, Exclusive Signature Treatments, Hair Spa etc.

Today Action Hair Salon occupies an area of a few thousand square feet, with a Runway, where Hair Shows, Fashion Shows, Product Launchings and Special Events are organized. It also incorporates a Hair Spa, Special Treatment Rooms, and Luxury Room with high end Salon Chairs. 

It is presently located on the 5th level of one Singapore Prestigious Shopping Mall – Paragon Centre along Orchard Road – Singapore’s most famous shopping precinct. 

Action, the Internationally Renowned Salon has a team of talented and skilled stylists led by Master Stylist Vinn Wong. The salon offers a wide range of top-quality hairdressing experiences, to affluent clients from all over the world. It has a rich following of Local and International Socialites & High Profile Clients.

It’s reputation for high quality treatments & services using the Latest Equipment & The Best Luxury Products – BALMAIN Paris, MY ORGANICS Italy, DEFINITE Italy for scalp and hair issues and problems, with the clients leaving the salon feeling Fresh & Confident with a Palpable Passion in the Action Team. 

“It is a great pleasure and honor for us to be recognized as the winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This achievement is another proof that our efforts & focus to provide the highest quality services in the hairdressing industry have been Meaningfully Successful. It is a great motivation for us to further develop and find new ways to add beauty to our customers’ lives,” said Sonnie Tan & Vinn Wong.

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