FinTech 2021: Payment Ascend Money – TrueMoney

Financial lifestyle (finlife) endeavor – Southeast Asia’s largest fintech company but technology is just a tool.

Ascend Money is improving the lives of millions of people and businesses across 6 countries in Southeast Asia with renowned reputable brands designed to make a difference.

TrueMoney is an award-winning regional payment platform for the underserved and digital consumers. It enables over 40 million customers across 6 countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Its unique network of 65,000 agents makes it extremely accessible to everyone.

Ascend Nano offers pioneering products to SMEs underserved by banks, needing flexible financial help in order to grow. Using state-of-the-art technology, it provides factoring services to give them credit to compete effectively.

TrueMoney Thailand and Ascend Nano 
AIA Capital Center building, 18-19th and 32nd Floor,
89 Ratchadaphisek road, Dindaeng, 
Bangkok 10400, Thailand.

(TrueMoney) +66 81 234 5678
(Ascend Nano) +66 2 016 8600 Ext. 3

(for general enquiries) :,
(for partnership enquiries) :

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