Savelberg Bangkok Thailand’s Top 10 Best French Restaurant by chef Henk

A new location on Yen Akat Soi 2/8  in private house.  The dinner serves exclusively the 6 courses. Remarkable dishes include Anjou pigeon, one of French food delicacy being served as main course and many more! 

Chef Henk Savelberg is true to his legendary style of cooking and serving the same, exceptional quality of food, prepared only with the freshest ingredients. He preserves his internationally recognized cooking style, delivering the perfect taste. 

A night to remember – a Michelin star restaurant experience at a delightful destination.

Henk Savelberg, prominent Dutch chef with almost 30 years of experience, whose culinary mastery earned a Michelin star. Savelberg’s delightfully served scrumptious dishes to VIPs and celebrities who luxuriate in his exquisite gastronome. The restaurant offers gourmet modern French cuisine, with Dutch touch and strives to perfect premium quality, with opulent details. Savelberg selects ingredients from excellent import and local suppliers.

Savelberg Thailand, destination for those longing for well-crafted dining experience.  What distinguishes the best from the rest lies in the details, the little things that most guests won’t even notice. It’s his meticulous attention to those tiny details that built Henk Savelberg’s reputation.

It’s a warm friendly and accommodating experience, modern comfortable fine dining. The service has a classic European approach, engaging with the guest to give a rewarding and memorable dining experience.

Tel: +66 (0) 2252-8001

Line Official ID: @savelberg

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