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UBD – Caroline Usher Wows the World of Interior Design for Their Project ‘The CAVE’ Founded by Caroline Usher in 2010, UBD is an interior design company in Indonesia that has produced a successful number of architecture in restaurants, hospitality, and bar venues as well as commercial project interiors.

The innovative interior design company creates outstandingly unique design concepts that are driven by world-class quality and in-depth interior design detail. The team at UBD offers a diverse skill set that can translate desired visions of their clients, into realities. As UBD continues to grow, they manufacture furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) throughout Indonesia for both procurements for international design companies and local projects. 

Founder Caroline Usher, along with her business partners Agung and Fariz, understands that there needs to be the perfect marriage between all moving design components and each team member is specialized in various areas to collaborate perfectly as a team and to create perfect design synchronization within their projects. With this ethos in mind, the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have recently awarded the vibrant team for Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design for The CAVE by Chef Ryan Clift at The Edge Resort, Bali, Indonesia, 2022. 

For this exclusive project, UBD provided dedicated services in the form of 3D renderings, concept design, all interior and architectural structural drawings, design development, FF&E, sourcing, tender documentation, textile curation, delivery, and installation and tended to all project meetings.

The Cave, Bali, which was ready for reveal in May 2022, is set against a stunning living backdrop for a truly immersive dining experience. From the moment guests walk in, they will begin to descend the spiral staircase which takes you back in time. 

Guests will pass temples, shrines, and artifacts that guide their path. Become engulfed in a sense of magic and wonder as you reach the base of the Cave and walk along its twinkling lava stone floor. The sound, fabrics, furniture, and operations have all been delivered uniquely to meet the extraordinary challenges of an underground venue without compromising the style.

The Cave by UBD is a place of tranquility and peace, where human and natural design work harmoniously together. There has not been one single detail spared to create this unique experience of a lifetime. 

The mission at UBD is about creating a soulful feeling in any home or establishment, whether that is to provide a story, experience, or a place where people can truly feel at home in their space. UBD sets trends and dares to be different but will always design for their clients and put their client’s needs and desires above all else.

The UBD philosophy is a simple one; their goal is to understand their clients’ personal requirements so that they can deliver outstandingly unique designs of consistent quality. Together they value that each client is different and that it is their job to adapt to evolving business requirements and to always design for their client’s success.

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