Big Boys Toys

Big Boys Toys is the innovation & luxury lifestyle exhibition that displays the world’s most innovative & luxurious products & services from an amazing line up of global manufacturers.

After nine editions in the UAE, this is second edition in Las Vegas making it our 11th. The upcoming edition will host some of the international premium brands and limited edition products. For those seeking an action packed experience, BBT will showcase a series of thrilling adventure products and services in the luxury expo.

Explore The World Of BBT Expo

It won’t be wrong if we call the Big Boys Toys expo as ‘Expotainment’, as the exhibition will be a total fun along with innovative products and services. The luxury exhibition will be showing the innovation in number of categories like Adventure, Marine, Fashion, Digital, Drive, Aviation, Ride, Off Road Lifestyle, Kids World, Wellness, Arts, Pets World and a zone dedicated totally to women’s products – Women`s World. These categories will be showcasing the innovative products or services related to Technology, automobiles, music, sports, entertainment, fashion, gadgets, fitness and luxury.

The Big Boys Toys Luxury Exhibition is that one platform which offers a tremendously immersive experience for it’s visitors. The expo promises to be the most engaging experience of all times.

The biggest exhibition of all times is about to show up this October in Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. The city of lights has decided to light up the world of them who love innovation by rejuvenating there whole self. The visitors are surely going to experience the best time of their lives when they will witness the crazy innovations and revolutions in Las Vegas Luxury Exhibition.

We feel glad and proud to re- launch the biggest and Exclusive Global Events of all times that is the Luxury Exhibition -Big Boys Toys. This time the screen, pace and the level, all will be big and high as the most unique and innovative products will be displayed in this edition of BBT’s Exclusive Global Events.

The event is an ideal platform for products & brands to gain valuable exposure to the high net worth individuals in one of the most affluent countries in a region that offers lucrative business prospects. This year’s event will capture an array of the world’s most extraordinary and exclusive products bringing only the best of the best from across all industries.

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There are number of benefits for the visitors at the biggest expo, listing them down:

1. The visitors will include the entire elite class businessman, big organisations, celebrities and other affluent buyers. The VIP’s will visit the Big Boys Toy luxury and innovative exhibition as BBT stands as the premier lifestyle event having it’s major focus on HNI’s and VVIP’s.

2. The visitors usually show their interest over the octane products present at the luxury expo. The visitors totally love the exhibition because of many reasons. Amazing live demos also excites and attracts the visitors to the innovative and luxury exhibition.

3. Number of activities happening in the biggest expo of all times plays a crucial role in expanding the visits.

4. The luxury and innovative exhibition show strong focus on the HNWI’s, VVIP’s and C- level Executives from around the world.

5. The Strong marketing campaign is a key reason for the prospective crowd at the luxury expo.

6. Big Boys Toys- The Luxury Exhibition makes sure that the products and services exhibited at the expo are enough innovative and revolutionary to be displayed at the biggest expo. Thus, limited number of companies is allowed to display their products or services in each category.

7. The visitors can get tremendously awesome products and services at the luxury and innovative exhibition. The stage of Big Boys Toys is also a direct selling platform.

Big Boys Toys – The Luxury and Innovative Exhibition is an excellent platform both for the exhibitors as well as visitors. Big Boys Toys Exhibition assures the long-term business relationships between the buyers and the suppliers. The luxury and innovation expo have always set a remarkable benchmark. Every year the expo comes up with new liveliness and enthusiasm. People from different countries consisting of different cultural values come together under one roof to attend the biggest luxury expo. These people are bonded only by the love of innovation.

World’s most ground-breaking and deluxe products as well as services will be displayed at the expo. The products will be showcased from an amazing lineup of global manufacturers. The visitors will be served with the amazing Luxury trade show consisting amazing collections of innovative products or services.

Big Boys Toys – The Artists Choice

You are creative and you are a great lover of creativity too. You know that. People around you know that too. But guess what, our talent should roar. Your creativity shall make sound.

Through these years, many people have invested all their energies, time and effort over something that must get noticeable. The Luxury and innovative exhibition of various products and services, Big Boys Toys Vegas is coming up for giving name and place to all these products that may go unseen.

Big Boys Toys is not just an expo but an opportunity that makes sure that the innovative world has a place to be showcased. There are numerous categories, under which products are exhibited in the luxury innovation expo, Big Boys Toys.

You may exhibit under number of categories like Art, Adventure, Aviation,Marine, Off- road, Pet’s World, Women’s World etc. The luxury exhibition filled with rich products allows you to exhibit any of your product or services at Big Boys Toys and get the required attention.

There are many reasons of why one should exhibit their innovative products under the roof of BBT Vegas this coming October but one of the main reasons is business opportunities.

Big Boys Toys is a platform that sets benchmark of revolutionary products and services.

Humans are the smartest of all living creatures on this planet. They can manufacture anything that can come in help of their daily routine. There is a lot of potential that go unused or don’t get a chance or a platform to be displayed in front of the world. BBT Vegas is going to become that one platform which many have been waiting for.

This is the 10th edition of this innovative exhibition. Every year Big Boys Toys see a whole new range of innovative products that the visitors love witnessing.

The main benefits of exhibiting in the biggest expo of all times can be summed up in three key pointers-


The luxury exhibition is a great opportunity for all the exhibitors to connect and form a networking with key players of the respective industry. The networking prospects of the exhibitor are extremely high. The event will be full of the biggest faces of the industry. This opportunity will enhance the chances for the one of getting acknowledged to the latest trends in the industry. Exhibitors from number of different countries will be launching their products and services at BBT Las Vegas. The variety will also kick some innovation out of each and everyone in the crowd. We cannot argue over the fact that this platform is apt for Discussing new business opportunities and collaborations with industry leaders at the exhibition.

Long-Lasting Image

This platform is so big that it leaves no other option other than being the best. The only purpose of each and everyone in the luxury expo is to stand out. The question arises that why one needs to exhibit their best of products or services in the exhibition? Well, it is only because the platform will be full of elite business people and coming to their notice will be of great advantage. Along with it, the expo will act like a boon when it comes to getting exposure as well as getting full credibility for your innovation.

Customer – Linking

There will be big business opportunities and then there will be reaching to the target audience. The luxury innovation exhibition can help you get potential customers. One day this initiation of getting customers can turn up to becoming consumers. The luxury expo will be a big chance for all the exhibitors to expand their potential customer’s base. Big Boys Toys – the luxury and innovative exhibition can become a source of manipulating the purchase decision of prospective customers.


Art and artists are valued by everyone. People are always mesmerized by the artistic talents of artists, no matter whether they are art lovers or not. The big boys toys expo of Las Vegas is an international exhibition that provides a platform for the exhibitors to showcase their innovative art forms ranging from classical to modern. Even if you’re an emerging talent with a creative and innovative mind, you can showcase the talents through your creative products to get recognition from the art lovers.

BBT Las Vegas is a global platform to meet with an array of artists and galleries. The exhibits include a global mix of art galleries, paintings, mechanic art, glass art, and sculptures. Meet similar-minded and artistically inclined people from different countries at the expo.

art-category cube image
art-category lion holding art flowers


BBT Las Vegas, the innovation and luxury lifestyle expo is an ideal event for businesses that are into adventure sports and tourism. If you’re an exponent of adventure with related business, then you can act as a catalyst to draw visitors’ attention towards adventure activities. Connect with the stakeholders within the adventure industry under a single roof by taking part in this exciting event. Adventure sports include extreme sports, guns, arms, archery, and adventure games. Adventure tourism includes outdoor camping tents and caravans, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountaineering.

Adventure marketers and adventure enthusiasts can facilitate business communication in a professional manner at the event. At big boys toys expo, you can come across with innovative ideas, pioneering solutions, and great technologies associated with adventure sports and tourism.

adventure-category boat
adventure-category climbing girl


BBT Las Vegas is an upcoming innovation and luxury exhibition where creative products and innovative technologies from the aviation industry are showcased. Discover the innovative and novel technologies in the field of aviation by participating in the event. Display your products, technologies, and tools related to the aviation industry in this exhibition. It is an exceptional platform for promoting your organization and improve your presence in the commercial aviation industry. Grab the opportunity to exhibit your products or services at BBT Las Vegas as it provides access to a global audience.

The aviation exhibits include gliders, helicopters, gyrocopters, rotor copters, business jets, private aircrafts, drones, RC aircrafts, UAV’s, and charter services. The Big Boys Toys expo is a place where you can see the latest innovations in the commercial aviation sector.

Aviation-category black helicopter
Aviation-category helicopter tri wheels
Aviation-category while jet plane


Showcase and get accustomed to the latest digital technologies and gadgets at the Big Boys Toys expo. The experimentation happening in the digital industry helps to change our way of living. The innovative technology is advancing more rapidly than before. BBT Las Vegas is the best place where leaders in the industry can meet to share insights and discuss on the recent digital technology trends.

The ground-breaking digital technology and interactive exhibits including robotics, wearables, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, simulators, home automation, home appliances, audio-visual entertainment, gaming, mobiles, GPS tracking, wireless devices, cameras, and other digital products. The tech-savvy people can explore innovative and latest creative products in the digital world of the luxury exhibition show in Las Vegas.

Digital-category sound systems
Digital-category gaming systems


At Big Boys Toys- the luxury exhibition in Las Vegas we are displaying the most innovative and luxurious car models of established brands in the automobile category. You can also find a curated selection of collectible cars on display. Safety features, technology and comforts offered will be of par excellence. The exhibitors at the event are the popular brands in the automobile industry including car manufacturers, service providers, dealers, and brand showrooms.

Automotive exhibits include luxury, electric and supercars incorporated with the state-of-the-art designs and features. The exhibits are exclusively for a selected and luxury-loving audience who are interested only in innovative designs and features.

Drive-category while car expo
Drive-category Car
Drive-category car expo


BBT Las Vegas brings together different fashion brands and fashion designers for showcasing their creativity to a global audience. The fashion houses, brands and designers can share their vision and current trends on fashion. The rich product exhibition in Las Vegas is all set to include iconic fashion clothing and accessories that are personalized for the wearer. Fashion accessories include jewelry, watches, belts, bags, wallets, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and other beauty products.

Our dressing sense reflects our personality. BBT Las Vegas is unraveling the best and unique clothing and fashion accessories for the esteemed shoppers. Visitors can own these exclusive fashion designer pieces and accessories from both established and emerging brands and designers.

Premium tie Fashion-Exhibition
watch Fashion-Exhibition
Diamond watch Fashion-Exhibition


BBT- The luxury expo 2019 is focused on showcasing the best and limited-edition luxury lifestyle products ranging from cosmetics, jewelry, watches, real estate, boutique properties, interiors, luxury décor, luxury furniture, pool tables, Jacuzzis, musical instruments, art/sculpture, and luxury gifts. The prestigious BBT- luxury exhibition in Las Vegas proudly presents the most exclusive luxury lifestyle products from well-established companies in the lifestyle industry.

The expo strives to display the innovative lifestyle products to the finest of the global audience. Visitors can access the premium products that are the industry leaders. Explore the leading international exhibition to find products of your choice. Change your lifestyle by owning these luxury products.

lifestyle-exhibition image
lifestyle-exhibition Glass set
lifestyle-exhibition Octopus chair


The Big Boys toys expo reveals the latest innovations in the luxury marine industry ranging from the luxury yachts, super boats, submarines, high-powered jet skis, and sailboats. The comfort and facilities offered by these products are going to exceed the customer expectations. The credibility of your business increases when you exhibit the products at the exhibition. The event is intended to recognize the best and innovative technology in the creative products in the maritime industry.

The expo will create networking opportunities for both exhibitors in the marine industry and visitors around the globe. The visitors can find a timeless and classic line-up of marine products of premium brands at the expo.

Marine-category scuba drive
Marine-category island boat
Marine-category Boat


BBT- The luxury lifestyle exhibition is featuring unique and custom-made off-road vehicles for the off-roading enthusiasts. The much awaited event will have off-road exhibits of specialized vehicles ranging from quad bikes, 4×4 vehicles, buggies, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles. Exhibitors can demonstrate the features of the vehicle to the attendees at the exhibition.

Find an unbeatable choice of off-road vehicles crafted to experience the best driving experience. The visitors can not only find vehicles, but also accessories, gears, components, and services. The variety of innovative products offered will satisfy an off-road enthusiast. The Big Boys Toys expo offers a unique opportunity to discuss the recent trends and innovations happening in the off-roading business with the experts.

Off-Road-Exhibition Bike
Off-Road-Exhibition show image
Off-Road-category truck


Experience the exciting and unique collection of motorcycle and bicycle models from the top brands. The vehicle models showcasing at the luxury lifestyle exhibition of Las Vegas will be offering design excellence, innovative technology, and aesthetic appeal. The timeless designing and styling of innovative and premium products offer a perfect handling and performance to the customer. The exhibits in the ride category include bicycles, e-bikes, custom motorcycles, Custom bikes, Custom cars, Hyper cars, personal transportation systems, scooters, roller-skaters, and skateboards.

The Big Boys Toys expo is a meeting point for manufacturers, motorcycle companies, dealers, service providers, technical experts, and bike fanatics. BBT Las Vegas showcases the state-of-the-art motorcycles and bicycles that change the world of riding enthusiasts. The visitors will be spoilt with choices in the luxury ride category.

Ride-Exhibition -Motus Bike
Off-Road-Exhibition RIde


The luxury lifestyle exhibition in Las Vegas is featuring the exhibitors with luxury and unique wellness premium products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Discover the hottest trends in the wellness category and network with wellness experts and industry leaders. Exhibitors in the luxury expo 2019 include sports gear manufacturers and owners of spas, gyms, fitness clubs, health clubs, yoga centers, nutrition experts, and hotel spas. Exhibitors at the Big Boys Toys expo can create awareness about the need for wellness in everyone’s life by demonstrating their products.

The high-profile visitors can enjoy a great shopping experience as BBT- the luxury exhibition show Las Vegas exhibits only innovative wellness products and services. BBT Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind world-class exhibition with new ideas, exhibitors, manufacturers, innovations, and customers.

Wellness-Exhibition Massage chairs
Wellness-Exhibition fitness treadmill

Kid’s World

Kid’s world – The latest games, kid’s game related accessories, kid’s furniture items, and other luxury products exclusively for the kids are being exhibited in the kid’s world of Big Boys Toys luxury exhibition.

The Big Boys Toys Expo is the best space for marking one’s presence in the market and does the branding of one’s business. You can showcase your innovation and demonstrate the benefits of the product usage simultaneously.

Visit the luxury exhibition to learn more about the displayed interactive products & services for the kids.

Kid's-World-Exhibition Playplace
Kid's-World-Exhibition Camera
Kid's-World-Exhibition Car

Pet’s World

Showcasing the premier and luxury pet exhibition with a great range of innovative products from beds, accessories, food to training systems. The exhibitors at the Big Boys Toys expo can sell their products or services to existing and new customers. Educate the visitors about the products to make them curious. Launching a product or service at the exhibition helps you to receive instant feedback from the customers.

BBT- luxury lifestyle exhibition Las Vegas covers all kinds of unique products and services for every pet. Pet owners can see and buy innovative products best suited for their pets. Pet owners also can get educated with the latest pet products/services in the market.

Pet's-World-Exhibition cat image
Pet's-World-Exhibition animal image
Pet's-World-Exhibition Peenut for squirrel

Woman’s World

Woman’s world is featuring luxury woman brands with innovative and creative products and services from fashion, wellness, jewelry, adventure, drive, ride, etc. BBT Las Vegas is offering luxurious products from different categories that are exclusively for women. Exhibitors can strengthen their business relationships with both customers as well as other businesses. Get inspiration from the innovative products displayed to create unique products in the future.

Experience the latest developments happening in all categories. Understand the innovative features of the products before making a purchasing decision. Make use of this exhibition to own unique and innovative products of your choice.

womans-exhibition woman ramp walk model
womans-exhibition rampwalk show
womans-exhibition ramp walk image

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