Thailand’s Top Consumer Trends To Watch, Digital Talk With Wanida Tardivel & Junphen Juntana

It all about Agile, Predictive, Contextual, Augmented Marketing. Data is a key for communications and success. CX Customer Journey, customer touch points bring prospects from unknowns to knowns by using marketing technology tools and solutions.

Financial Technology is the technology and innovation that aim to compete traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance.

The COVID-19 situation has impacted all people around the globe. Small and large corporations have already been aware of the importance of digital transformation. The evidence lies over the last months; we have seen an acceleration of digital trends, digital content marketing and new marketing technology tools that are now, more than ever, on top of discussions and part of all commercial strategies.

Junphen Juntana, Senior Vice President, Website, Social Media & Digital Content Management under Marketing and Brand Management – Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

Financial firm, and Banks have probably been ahead of this era change and are now moving with full gear towards more online initiatives and campaigns. To illustrate this, we have met Khun Junphen, a well-recognized leading marketing content expert who received awards and recognitions from both local and international firms about her success.  She is one of the best female role models in Thailand’s Business and Tech Company.

Wanida Tardivel: Thank you for taking time to speak to us. We have learned that you are one of the successful Thais that gained many awards from the past years. We would love to learn more about you…could you tell us more?

Junphen Juntana: I was born and spent my simple life in Chonburi. I started my career working in Digital & Communication which I call them Art of Logic – a kind of works combined with imagination. I love my job as it is a real challenge and have tried to do my best in everything during the past 20 years throughout working in agencies and organizations. I was selected to be the representative of Thailand in the project “Professional Exchange” by Digital Media in USA before moving to Orange, True and currently SCB.

My day-to-day work is to look after Digital Channel and Social Media within SCB Thailand’s umbrella, plus websites and creative contents, including creative graphic, brand reputation, Social Monitoring and Crisis Management. I also work on consulting for sub-units under SCB family.  The entire showcase is not only mine, but owned by the team who have contributed their effort to it. Also, I have a good boss who always empowers and supports the team to do their best. For me, SCB is one of great workplaces.

Data is a key for communications and success. We shall use it wisely and smartly to win customers’ hearts.

Financial technology is the technology and innovation that aim to compete traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. As you are working in this field, what is your opinion about top consumer trends to watch in Thailand?

Thais enter to Cashless Society for a while, from QR Code to Online Payment to E-commerce sites. However, COVID-19 is a main key factor to get everyone on digital systems in terms of devices and platforms such as Internet of Things (IoT), network, technology, mobile and smartphone. Moreover, I can see new investment like Robo Advisor, AI support services, Chatbot that help humans answer the Q/A and improve users’ experience. As we all know, this is just the beginning of Machine Learning, but soon it will be developed to get better and better. FinTech is a great movement, same as other technologies, including new Digital Currency and Bitcoin.

Digital and Technology provides us opportunities to learn every day.

Wanida Tardivel: What is your opinion on actual digital marketing trends?

Junphen Juntana: I believe that the world of arts and communication will get closer to mathematical logic and science. One of the great tools which I would recommend is a great book written by Philip Kotler et al. In the book, Customer Journey or customer touch points will bring prospects from unknowns to knowns by using marketing technology that creates a (CX) Customer Journey.

Philip Kotler explains how marketers can use technology to address customers’ needs and make a difference in the world. In a new age, marketers are struggling with the digital transformation of business and the changing behaviour of customers. This book provides marketers a way to integrate technological and business model evolution with dramatic shifts in consumer behaviours that have happened in the last decade:

Data Driven Marketing that collects, analyses and synthesises data effectively, capturing customers in all dimensions and accessing individuals excellently

Agile Marketing that collaborates teamwork in all sectors, sharing everything at the beginning, acting with flexibility and learning changes all the time

Predictive Marketing that predicts via AI/Machine Learning, foreseeing business models before introducing to clients, developing communication strategy and providing right services

Contextual Marketing that happens when Internet of Things works with AI to collect deep data, know client insights and respond by using personalization to impress clients

Augmented Marketing that applies technology such as Chatbot as a great tool to interact with customers to meet their expectation and experience. Apart from that, a brand needs to capture new-gen consumers by having a role in establishing a good society. To get a sustainable strategy, the Profit must create a good Planet and make People’s better.

Wanida Tardivel: Tell us about the awards you received.

Junphen Juntana: Global & International – Best in Social Media Marketing Global announcement was done in UK

Regional Awards – The Best Digital Marketing Innovation from IBM Marketing Innovation Awards, Outstanding Digital Marketing Initiative, Best Use of social media in Asia, Excellence in Social Media – Customer Relations & Brand Engagement, Best Brand Engagement & Customer Experience in Asia

Thailand – Social Awards for 6 consecutive years.

Wanida Tardivel: Tell us about your 2022 goals and how do you foresee next year?

Junphen Juntana: My team and I at SCB will keep creating good contents contributed to the community, so that they can understand how to manage their own finances and how essential Financial Literacy is. Since we were kids, our parents told us to study and get good work for good money, but nobody taught us how to manage one’s own finances.

From reports, Thai have been contracted to so many loans since the young age. Now, household is increasing, and we are heading to Aging Society. What is going to happen when we retire? Proper Planning is important for securing sufficient funds after retirement. We should have more contents like “Mrs. Saving” to educate people.

I am very concerned with all kinds of relationships to get job done efficiency. However, we have to keep good relationships with all people we are working with.

I believe in humankind – everybody is important. In Neo-Humanism, Fuji is beautiful, but other mountains are also beautiful. They are not inferior in any kind.

Empathy is important for work and private life, especially when we are living in the society where people have their own beliefs. We need each other and must support each other.

Wanida Tardivel: I have learned that you also spend your time sharing your experiences at universities for teaching and writing in Thai media. Tell us more about it.

Junphen Juntana: I love to support community and share my knowledge. I cannot take all the offers but choose good sessions that give a big impact on people, or relevant to us and our organization. We work with universities and others in Bangkok and other provinces. Everywhere I go, it is like I learn how to give and take. We share and learn new lessons together. I am a guest speaker but also listener. I took some good ideas back and try to adapt them in my workplace.

I am also a columnist in Krungthep Turakit (Bangkok Business) in the section Digi Miti and Business + Column for KOL (Key Opinion Leader), mainly to keep my motivation. I have never wanted to stop learning. I would like Thais to use digital tools, especially social media, with right senses and critical thinking, creatively, supportively and collaboratively.

Wanida Tardivel: You are a working woman, tell us about how you manage your time between work and private life. What do you like to do at leisure?

Junphen Juntana: I love studying history and catching up with trends. Working in digital business sometimes can get over your private life, but I’m lucky that my family understands the situation.

Before COVID-19, I used to travel and take my daughter to learn and experience new things. However, since the epidemic, we changed our activities by doing more cooking and gardening. We have learned so much about “waiting.” As you know, when we work in the digital world, everything goes fast and sometimes too fast. I therefore love watching movies because they take me to new worlds where I discover other ways of living, cultures, people and plenty of new platforms. Watching movies/series helps me teach my daughter different ways.

Wanida Tardivel: What have you learned along the way that becomes valuable for you?

Junphen Juntana: Looking after your health: Last year, I faced personal challenges and got very ill from “Bell’s Palsy” – I could not express my emotions by using my face as it got paralyzed in half. I could speak properly, though, and use slow speech like some actors/actresses such as Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan. I had to go through the treatment and battle to fight it and get recover. Looking back over working, it might have been the reason for my stress and such condition. The COVID-19 came and added further difficulties as most of us started to work from home. I worked day and night, not drinking enough water and seriously lacking exercises.

My daughter had to help me practice speaking. I realized that I worked hard but did not do it smartly. After getting recovered, I committed myself to change and better balance my work and private life. If you don’t have a strong body and mind, you can’t do anything.

At a certain level, I will continue looking after myself as health is so important. Seeing my kid growing, I still have hope we will soon overcome the COVID battle.

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