Dinsow (Pencil in Thai language), The First Thai-developed Service Robot Goes Global

From Restaurants to Hospitals – Dinsow the Robot is Making a Difference Around the World

The brainchild of Computer Telephony Asia Co., Ltd., Dinsow, was created to support a host of human activities, said Chalermpol Punnotok, chief executive, CT Asia Robotics.

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Cr. Story & Photos by Soe Sankosik & Stephen Meng 

“We broke new ground when we built, and launched Dinsow, the first service robot in Thailand and ASEAN in 2009. With his smiley, friendly face, he was developed to assist in areas where there are human resources shortages such as food and beverage and health care services, said Mr. Punnotok.

In 2010, the first Dinsows (10 robots) were used in a pilot “robot waiter” project with the popular MK restaurant chain in Thailand.

Building on that experience, and lessons learned, the next version of Dinsow was exported to Europe in 2014. A restaurant in Linköping, Sweden ordered 14 Dinsows to take food and drinks to their customers.

A year later, a new version of Dinsow entered the healthcare sector. After years of trials and collaboration with hospitals in Thailand and in Japan, Dinsow robots were deployed to assist elderly patients.

Today, 2021-2022, Dinsow version.4 robots are making a difference in public private hospitals around the world. In addition to helping to dispense medication to patients, Dinsow robots also support people coming in for COVID-19 tests – the robots assist with blood pressure tests and other health checks.

Looking forward, new versions of Dinsow will be equipped with an AI Nose capable of sniffing out hard-to-detect breast and lung cancers with 95 percent accuracy. They also have been developed to treat Alzheimer’s patients.

For more information, please check info at www.dinsow.com

Chalermpol Punnotok, chief executive, CT Asia Robotics

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