The Seeker: Mindfulness Living – Chapter 3: Everything Is Energy with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom

The energy is always interacting among living being and non-living being and vibrates as sensation, and is interpreted by collective experiences through the mind setting.

Each individual is the complex of energy; there is energy within our body-mind and the energy that is surrounding us. Once these energies within and outside interacted, you are able to feel it as sensation through the physical body; some may feel tightness or just feel relaxed, grounded and stable by uniting with the surrounding energy, which depends on each individual internal energy or chi. If the energy outside is stronger than the internal energy, we will compress from the dense energy that surrounds all of us.

You can start observe your energy and differentiate on how do you feel each day in the morning, and try to monitoring the similarity and interrelation of each day. And you can see that each day, the same things that made you satisfy may keep changing and transform as well, as life is evolving as a journey.

After practicing for a while, you may find that sensations and feelings are varied from day by day depending on one’s state of mind; even through you can repeat the whole day activities as the same. As we are all aware that while mind is the master, the mind is located in this body but we cannot identify the exact mind location as it keeps traveling within the body.

After maintaining a great observation, the mind moves according to the intention either from the conscious level or subconscious level, and once the mind and body energy is synchronized, it becomes solid focus, and the mind will drive the body forward like to whole army team marching on the same rhythm, with this solid moment generating the powerful energy from the heart and enhancing the energy shield to encounter the challenges or ready to transform. At this state, you feel the light through the whole body.

Since the energy has been interacting, once your energy shield is strong, nothing can bother you. However, there is some energy that you can feel complement each other or contradict (i.e., like enhancing or draining), especially with living-beings that the energy can interact due to their states of mind. Quite often, you find someone and you really like the person and someone that you may hate him/her straightaway; that is how the energy is interacting even before the conversation starts as both energies clash. As you are aware of this, you should bring back the consciousness and center to the heart energy by taking a deep breath and then smile down to your heart and exhale to release unnecessary trigger that your energy filed has been interacted. Alternatively, if you are mentally focus and strong, you can send your positive energy toward others that clash with your energy to kindly help them fulfill their energy field so they will not bother you anymore. However, this depends on both parties as well as their states of mind.

Interacting with non-living beings, these we shall deal with the basic elements of earth, water, air and fire or Traditional Chinese Medicine approach of earth, water, fire, wood and metal, with all these elements are part of our body and mind that make it us feel positive for some places and some or not which depends on our state of basic elements, it is important to bring back the balance to physical and mental energy.

We shall start with generating a positive energy by taking a breath, it allows the air to flow into your body, to bring in positive vital energy to all the cells throughout the body that hold your breath, visualize or imagine that you are smiling to your own heart and then slow down your exhalation to ensure that the unnecessary air is released. Keep repeating till your heart is open and smiling back to you, some may find the heart is heavy and not easily to open. Please do not give up by repeating this practice day by day till your heart is fully open and letting go of this tension. It is important as it is the great observation as the changes that will happen day by day and we shall learn an inner wisdom or the secret from our own heart.

You may notice a sequence of your energy from within yourself based on an interaction of living being and non-living being as you may notice that there is energy within you and surrounds you and these energies are changed and transformed as dynamic as your energy as well.

“The great harmony is based on your internal energy”

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