2021: Bangkok’s Best French Restaurant – Top 5 New Comers – The Signature Bangkok

Located adjacent to BTS Ratchathewi Station. Led by former 2-Michelin star Chef Thierry Drapeau who is passionate about local and global culinary traditions, the team works closely with farmers and purveyors to source the best seasonal ingredients.

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Our culinary journey begins at 11th floor of Vie Hotel Bangkok where we are greeted with expertly-prepared aperitifs and sparkling wine paired with canapés.

In a graceful, contemporary  dining room overlooking Bangkok’s spectacular skyline, the main meal unfolds with a choice of a 3- and 5-course Chef’s Menu, with organic vegan options. 

Art deco interiors, plush velvet textiles, luxe carpets and a bold color palette evoke classic elegance, while the floor to ceiling glass windows and burnished bronze fittings keep the mood hip and modern.

“Floral cuisine” is an extension of Chef Thierry’s “cuisine of the soil” philosophy, an approach rooted in using the purest and best ingredients to express the flavours of the land and sea.

Floral Amuse bouche, a taste of the refined dishes at Signature Bangkok. 

The culinary team are on hand to guide guests with surprise, theatrical tableside visits between courses, further enhancing the dining experience.

Asparagus of Loire Valley Begamote Meyer Lemon Mizana .

Chef Thierry creates meals that are impeccably French and surprisingly light and expressive, making them an ideal experience for special occasions and everyday dining.

Brittany lobster & petits pois : Yoghurt, Mint, Raspberry, Cosmos flowers. 

Instead of focusing on spices, Chef Thierry compliments his plates with the delicate flavours of the region’s beautiful edible flowers and herbs. The floral and herbal notes add brightness and natural aromatics to Chef Thierry’s light, jus-based French style cooking, leading to a delightful concentration of flavours.

Guided by “it’s your stage, it’s your show” ethos, Signature Bangkok engages guests in the dining experience. During the meal, the opening of a velvet curtain reveals the entire culinary team preparing the meal in an open kitchen.  It is a rare window into the orchestra of movements that shape Michelin-calibre meals. 

Sole Fish “a la Grenobloise“, served with a sauce of browned butter, capers, parsley, spinach, hazelnut and truffles. 

Inspired by Thailand’s rich natural landscape, Chef Thierry draws on subtle, delicate flavours of edible flowers and herbs to craft beautiful presentations with light and highly concentrated flavours. 

The King of Vendee – Duck with cherry, pistachio and nasturtium.

The team invites guests to step through the curtains and enjoy a rare and relaxed culinary experience that pays tribute to land, sea and delicate power of flowers.

Chef Thierry previously operated a legendary restaurant in the Loire Valley that held 2-Michelin star status for nine consecutive years. Signature Bangkok offers great culinary treats to be discovered. 

Chef Thierry’s menus chart a journey of discovery, taking guests through the intimate stories behind each ingredient.

Signature Bangkok’s cellar features spectacular vintages from around the world, including a robust collection of biodynamic wines from small-scale vintners. Wine pairings are offered with each menu, although diners may select their own wines from the cellar with guidance from our sommelier.

Born in Nantes, in France’s beautiful Loire Valley, Chef Thierry was drawn to the art of cooking while watching his father prepare the family’s Sunday meal. Inspired by nature, Chef Thierry calls his approach “cuisine of the soil”, which brings together the finest, purest ingredients and flavours of land and sea.  

At Signature Bangkok, Chef Thierry continues to innovate and evolve his dedication to ‘floral cuisine’ .

Address:  11th floor of VIE Hotel Bangkok, Phayathai Rd, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

Tel: 02 309 3939 E-mail: info@signaturebangkok.com


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