Bangkok’s No 1 Tempura Omakase: Ginza Tenharu, Gaysorn Village


Tempura omakase, what is it like? – No wonder the question pops up easily in people’s minds since tempura is perceived as some kind of easy-going fried food.

Ginza Tenharu at Gaysorn Village elevates this simple-sounded cuisine to the new heights, using premium ingredients and masterly techniques. Despite being fried, the sunflower oil used is thoughtfully chosen to be able to maintain its healthiness even in high temperatures.

By Fah & Pam

Appetizers at Ginza Tenharu is a great debut of the meal, comprising mouth-watering sawa kani topped with ikura, persimmon, boiled ayu, ultra-tender omelette, fried lotus root, fried ginkgo, and sweet-and-sour mushroom. They do a good job triggering the appetite.

There are 6 dippings available for different sensation: salt, curry powder, yuzu, plum, lime juice, and tempura sauce. It’s impressive how they can make a huge difference to each bite.

Shrimp tempura is one to be dipped with salt and lime juice, revealing its bouncy and sweet nature. 

Kani tempura is also subtly sweet, especially when having it with salt and tempura sauce.  Asparagus tempura, together with a touch of curry powder and tempura sauce, turns out to be surprisingly tastely. 

Lotus root tempura is another one to have with curry powder and tempura sauce, and with its natural sweetness, this is a tasty combination. Shiitake tempura is another amazement.

Lovely-looking wagasagi fish tempura comes with green tea powder that lays bare the fish’s ocean-ish flavors, confirming its undeniable freshness.

The very bomb goes to uni tempura with heavenly character and wonderful taste, especially with the vegetable and wasabi.

Cod roe tempura is second to none. This one-of-a-kind tempura comes in pair – one to be dipped in tempura sauce, and another to have without dipping, revealing its naturally wonderful flavors.

One more bouncy savory, hotate tempura, is delightful in both plum dipping and lime juice. It’s amazing how they can turn something ordinary into playful indulgence.

Wagyu A5 tempura is a huge amazement of the meal, with its irresistible succulence that goes flawlessly well with pleasant, high quality egg.

There are also none-tempura eats served along the way, such as gigantic oyster topped with Gruyère cheese, tofu in crab meat sauce, and salmon ikura don, as well as some sweets, and they are excellent. 


3rd Floor, Gaysorn Village,

999 Ploenchit Rd., Lumphini, Pathum Wan,

10330 Bangkok

T: +66 (0) 2 070 0014

FB: @ginzatenharubkk