7 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelor’s Party in Thailand


Your bro’s last night as a single man is fast approaching! The girls have the bride’s bachelorette party all planned out by now, for sure. They’re probably busy doing all those DIY decorations and one thing’s for sure: there’ll be glitter.

By guest writer, Megan Jones

Your stag party, though, well it needs to be planned to perfection. It needs to be one word: EPIC. It must attain the balance between being both memorable and exciting, plus an extra touch to make it personal, unique to the groom’s personality. If you’re searching for inspiration, then we might have a perfect destination for you: Thailand. 

In this article, we are going to take you on a trip to the most exclusive and luxurious spots, parties, and activities inside and outside Bangkok. Why Bangkok? Simple. It’s the heart of Thailand and where any celebratory trip to this country should start.


To help you track your itinerary here are 7 tips on how to make the most out of your Thailand adventure from dawn until the next dawn.

Daytime Activities in Bangkok

1. Revel in a pool party. Let’s kick off the trip by taking part in one of the most exclusive pool parties in Bangkok. The SO Pool Party at SO Sofitel Bangkok is only held every last Saturday of the month from 1 pm to 9 pm with limited slots so be sure to book in advance! It’s at the hotel’s glamorous open-air pool and deck equipped with underwater speakers so you can enjoy those beats even while swimming.

The view is priceless as it overlooks Lumpini Park (Thailand’s equivalent to Central Park in New York), and the food and drinks are the best that Sofitel can offer.

2. Immerse in the culture by attending a festival. Speaking of booking in advance, don’t forget to check out Thailand’s annual festivals as well. The most exciting festival of the year has got to be the Songkran Festival with water parties breaking out in the streets, the best food is being served, and a lot of cultural happenings to witness. 

Songkran Festival is held annually in April and the celebrations are nationwide, Bangkok being the busiest location. There are still more festivals being held throughout the year so make sure to check them out. Who knows? They might just coincide with your trip!

3. Ride a luxurious river cruise. Your cultural trip will never be complete without a cruise in the River of Kings, Chao Phraya. There are a lot of river cruises on Chao Phraya, but the one that we recommend for your bachelor’s party is the Manohra Cruises. It’s the only river cruise decorated in the original ancient style for an authentic experience. And of course, any river cruise won’t be complete without fine dining. The Manohra Cruises offer one of the best gourmet meals in the country.

4. Indulge in a lavish spa treatment. Finally, there’s no better way to end the day than experiencing authentic Thai massage in the elegant sanctuary of wellness, the Opium Spa of The Siam Hotel. Their website says it all: “Set in opulent surrounds and intimately private, Opium Spa provides a haven for renewal and inspiration for lifestyle change.

And now that you’re all relaxed and pumped-up after a day of immersing in daytime Bangkok, it’s time to gather the crew and conquer the city’s nightlife.   

Bangkok Nightlife

A bachelor party’s nightlife is never complete without alcohol, and we present two ways of indulgent enjoyment:

5. Be at the top of the world. That’s literally how you’ll feel while in Banyan Tree Hotel’s Moon Bar. This is located at the building’s 61st floor with an awesome view of the skyline and the streets below. An absolute must-try is the Vertigo Classic, a combination of pineapple, lime, and cranberry with Malibu. 

6. Conquer the streets. If you’d rather have a private party on the streets, then we recommend you to rent your own party bus that comes with its own buffet, your choices of poison, and of, course, sinfully sexy waitresses to keep the fountain of alcohol pouring all night long!

Outside of Bangkok

7. Hire a private island in Phuket. Looking for an exotic escape to a luxurious tropical island? Then Koyao Island Resort is the spot for you. It’s got rolling and beautiful beaches, picturesque virgin forests, and it comes with a private tropical garden in each villa. As for activities, you can go sailing, island-hopping, and even have a private beach party with top-class Thai cuisine.

And that’s it! What’s left is to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Thailand as you toast to your bro’s upcoming momentous event. 

Thailand, the Ultimate Bachelor’s Party Destination

Thailand is home to the most iconic pleasure destinations even on film, and it definitely has an unforgettable experience ready for anyone: from pool parties to lavish river cruises, and more!

In the end, though, what’s important is to give your bro the day of his life as he nears the big milestone of getting married. This is a party that he will (and should) remember for the rest of his life, and it’s your responsibility as his best bro to throw him one heck of a send-off. Have fun!