Be Sure to Book a Sathorn Hotel with a Pool During the Hot Months

Book a Sathorn Hotel with a Pool During the Hot Months

You may have booked a hotel in Sathorn specifically for the ease of access Sathorn offers to all areas of the city because of the many rail stations it has. For your families first trip to Bangkok, you want to see all the attractions and enjoy the experience of Thailand.  

But if you’re visiting the city during the months of March and April, your hotel in Sathorn ought to have a pool because you’ll be visiting during the hottest months of the year in central Thailand. 

There is a good reason why the sacred and quiet traditions of pouring water down one’s hand during Songkran have devolved into a country-wide water fight during the April Songkran holidays. And that’s because the temperature has been known to hit 40 degrees. 

Prepare for the Heat when Sightseeing

You should be prepared for the heat when you’re heading out for some sightseeing. Keep an eye on your kids, take a break and head indoors for some air-conditioning if they seem to be fading or ill. Always carry enough water for the whole family to take a drink and use it often during the day. 

Using the MRT or BTS Skytrain to access the areas you want to see can be a lifesaver with the trains and stations offering refreshing air-conditioning. 

Even buying the one-day tourist’s pass for the water taxis on the nearby Chao Phraya river can be a good idea. There is always a breeze along the river, and the temperature can be several degrees lower than the middle of the city. 

Sightsee in the Morning and Swim in the Afternoon

Plan your holiday schedule around the heat for the sake of your kids. Schedule all your sightseeing in the early morning before the sun is really beating down. Break for lunch early and have a long, leisurely meal in air-conditioned comfort.  

In the afternoon, spend the hours around the pool. Play in the water with your kids or let them splash the afternoon away while you doze, read a book, or catch up on social media on your phone. 

Head Out at Night to See Exciting Bangkok

Bangkok residents are used to a tropical lifestyle. That’s why street life is so colourful and lively after dark. It’s also why there are so many night markets in the city. 

Treat your family to spending some time at a night market. The Silom night market is famous in Bangkok and just a few minutes from your hotel. You can reach it easily by taking the MRT to Silom Road. You and the whole family can shop for electronic gadgets, toys, clothing and souvenirs of your trip to Bangkok. You can also sample some of the world-famous street food that Bangkok is known for. 

Visiting the city during the hot months can be enjoyable if you take some common-sense precautions. And be sure to book a hotel in Sathorn with a pool, so your children will enjoy the trip too.  

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