Interview with Preawpan Tepsiri, Managing Director of K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd.

No matter what style of home interior design is used, no matter what details form the final character of the space, the ultimate goal is always the client’s happiness and satisfaction, improving their family’s life.

This year’s Luxury Lifestyle Awards winners list in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand includes K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd., a company that meets and exceeds client expectations in every project while achieving the highest industry standards. We spoke with Miss Preawpan Tepsiri, Managing Director of K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd., about her company’s journey to its current success and what shapes the perfect interior. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: What attracted you to design?

Preawpan Tepsiri: The most interesting part is the result when the work is done by making the dreams of the clients come true.

LLA: What or who inspired you to found K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd.?

PT: My father was a furniture maker.

LLA: How would you briefly describe the concept of K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd., and what makes your studio unique?

PT: Our approach to work is to combine the ideas or needs of our customers with our design vision. Therefore, the identity of the customer on the job will be displayed when the job is complete.

LLA: What features and characteristics should an interior design have so that you can describe it as ideal?

PT: There are many ways of designing depending on the designer, which is K.R. Decorate’s job, in addition to bringing the customer’s needs. Our designers have to consider space constraints and come up with solutions with the customer in mind.

LLA: What steps do you go through when working on a project to make the client happy with the result?

PT: At each stage of work, explain the limitations. Both advantages and disadvantages are always considered and agreed upon by customers before proceeding.

LLA: What trends in modern luxury interior design seem the most interesting to you?

PT: Our design style principles focus on simple yet elegant materials. We call it “Simply East Luxury Style”.

LLA: What part of your work do you find the most challenging and what part the most enjoyable?

PT: Results of work and happiness of customers

LLA: Please tell us about your award-winning project ‘Private Residence Mr. Thanid Chaikulngamdee’. What were your goals, and how did you achieve them?

PT: We are grateful to Khun Thanit Chaikulngamdee for participating in various decisions. Khun Thanit is meticulous in choosing decorative materials. When the work was done, he was present in the work. Our goal is for the client to be happy with the project.

LLA: What are your emotions about becoming the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

PT: We would like to thank the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for giving this award to our studio. All team members are very pleased with this achievement and inspired to promote further development of work.

LLA: What is your advice to those who plan to link their professional activities with interior design?

PT: You have to look at the work and design a lot. This will shape the way you work based on your own experience.

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