Luxury Lifestyle Asia – KYDO Treating Interior Space as a Work of Art, Best Luxury Interior Design Studio In Taiwan

Luxury LivingLooking at classical works of art or examples of modern art, we are willing to look closely and find delightful details, unobvious meanings, and beauty that has not lost its relevance over the centuries. The team of KYDO Design sets itself the ambitious goal of creating interior spaces filled with timeless beauty and having a special aura, all the charm of which lies beyond matter. And KYDOsuccessfully copes with this: each project of the studio is a masterpiece of sophisticated multi-level interior design. The studio has received high recognition in the industry. The company’s most recent achievement is that the judging panel of Luxury Lifestyle Awards included it as one of this year’s winners in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Taiwan.

The Taipei-based boutique interior design studio KYDO is the brainchild of Keng-Yu Liao, an experienced designer who brings his aesthetic vision to life through the studio’s work. In 2011, Keng-Yu Liao founded Keng Yu Design Office, now better known as the award-winning KYDO team. The unique design and creativity inherent in the studio’s projects are the perfect backdrop for creating spaces imbued with deep meaning and a subtle touch of beauty that exists beyond time and our senses.

Keng-Yu Liao has brought together artists, designers, and craftsmen who apply their creative energy and technical prowess to implement a variety of projects. KYDO’s portfolio includes high-end residences, offices, commercial spaces, corporate headquarters, boutique hotels, and public spaces. Each of these spaces tells a story through a seamless set of details, materials, colors, and lighting elements. This set harmoniously blends the space into its surroundings and, at the same time, shapes its unique character. It forms a peculiar cover behind which hidden layers of meanings are concealed. 

In a passionate effort to embody its unique approach, KYDO does not replicate the solutions that have already caught on in Taiwan and shown their effectiveness. Here, it is customary to design the sales centers with an emphasis on a striking appearance, designed primarily to draw attention to the product but not to reflect its essence. The Cosmos Mansion Sales Center in Taipei offers a fundamentally different approach. Located in the last piece of green in the heart of the city, this center fits the product perfectly, embodying a place where one wants to live permanently. 

The building is designed in perfect harmony with the living environment, which interacts with the tranquility of the interior. The dialogue between interior and exterior is predominantly through the windows, through which light enters the interior, becoming a full-fledged element of the interior. In the Cosmos Mansion Sales Center, classical aesthetics intertwines with contemporary aesthetics to form a coherent image and character of the space. Each of the rooms is decorated in its individual style and rhythm, with each one marked by a graceful touch of luxury.

Another notable Keng Yu Design Office project that caught the eye of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel was the space for Creative Expo Taiwan, which showcases and promotes Taiwan’s top design talents and products to an international audience. The KYDO team was tasked with designing interiors that conveyed Taiwan’s cultural identity and represented its vision of design and lifestyle. The main source of inspiration was the traditional ink painting “Misty Bamboo on a Distant Mountain” (1753) by Chinese artist Zheng Xie. 

The studio translates the famous painting into the three-dimensional world through the language of architecture and design, providing a serene atmosphere as an iconic feature of the region. The strong identity of the country is emphasized by the use of bamboo plants, which are reflected and refracted in polypropylene hollow sheets, mimicking the fog from the painting. This dialogue between the living plant and the synthetic material also refers to the interaction between natural and industrial. 

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