Life Energy Talk with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom

Chanting is a form of sound expression. The sound expression is based on your breathing quality. If you chant from the lower abdomen, where is the center of life force energy. You activate more “ Life Energy”

For my own simply living approach, I do simple chanting as a form of expression with simple hand movement to keep the body active as a tool to train the mind.

You can do to clam your thoughts, releasing tightness in the chest and release abdominal tension, this practice considers a form of sound healing thus promote the harmony of body and mind, as you can observe most singer, they are quite a happy person because they able to express their feeling through sound vibration especially the gut expression.

I would like to share my simple practice to express and maintain the calmness of three minds of head, heart and abdomen as following;

Maintain an upright sitting position

Take a deep breath and observe the change within the body once inhale you may feel the lengthening the abdominal muscle.

During the moment of deep breath, holding the back of your hand together and open hand by drawing a heart shape, stretch all the fingers and roll the fingers with thumb and middle finger together as mudra, then exhale

Once you familiar with this hand movement, you can practice with close eye.

There is a simple mantra practice of “Om Mane Padme Hum” that you come combine with breathing by inhale hold your breath and exhale as mantra of Om Mane Padme Hum combine with hand movement, to maintain the dynamic of body and mind.

And most of the chanting, we will begin with head level (thinking state of mind) and once the the practice is synchronized, try to imagine you will be chanting with your love from the heart and this will release the tightness from your chest and later state chanting from the abdomen to release unnecessary wind that accumulated there.

This is considering a simple experience of sound projection to balancing the three minds.

“Chanting is the practice that activates an inner vibration for inner landscape of well-being.”

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