Local Experience: Bangkok’s Best – 10 Top Photo Spots in Talad Noi

Photographers and Instagrammers adore Bangkok’s Talad Noi district for its cool photo shooting locations which take time to discover. If you are time-challenged, here are 10 great spots to snap away.

Cr. Story & Photos by Soe Sankosik & Stephen Meng 

Map by Kiki Chanya Locharernkul IG: kikichanya

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1.   Grand Postal Office – this Italian/German-architecture-inspired building offers a great backdrop. And go inside and up to the TCDC balcony for city views and the impressive Garuda sculptures.

2.   Graffiti Alley – turn left from the Grand Postal Office and you will enter a graffiti alley that showcases amazing street art all the way to the end of the soi by the river.

3.   Warehouse 30 – Restored World War II-era warehouses has superb galleries, art spaces, cafes and wall art offering lots of pic snapping options. 

4.   Carving wall – this very popular wall art – created by Portuguese artist, Alexandre Farto – celebrates Thai-Portuguese relations from the past and present.

5.   House No.1 – a neo-classical mansion that stands out – as much for its beautiful architecture – as for its elegant garden setting offering many great pic backdrops.

6.   Soi San Chao Rong Kueak – Bangkok’s best free, open-air gallery. Check out the street art on the Mother Roaster café wall and the unofficial mayor of the alley – a an elderly shirtless gent in shades enjoying the sun and crowds.

7.   Baan Rim Nam Café – Charming riverside café that’s perfect for river pics, especially at sunset.

8.   So Heng Tai Mansion & the rusty Fiat Bambina – two more fave spots – one celebrating Hokkien-Teochew and an unlikely scuba pool, and a rusty Bambina that people love to pose by.

9.   Sanchao Chow Sue Kong – a Hokkien shrine built in 1804 comes alive during Chinese celebrations – such as the vegetarian festival – with lots of candles and local folks offering prayers.

10. Hong Sieng Kong or Bhanurangsi Pier – End your photography walk at the stunning Hong Sieng Kong warehouse café and its prime riverside location with a Chinese pagoda in the background. 

About Artist:  

Kiki Chanya Locharernkul, who is 15 years old, loves art, music and dancing.

Since competing in dance contests five years ago, she has won numerous awards, and recently received two consolation prizes from the 8th CSTD Thailand Dance Grand Prix, National Solo (15 & under) and Demi-Character Solo (15 & under) categories.

She is equally passionate about art and drawing and always has a sketch pad in her bag.

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