Be Creative and Eco-Friendly with Family and Friends Celebrating the Candle Light Festival

Planning to celebrate the Loy Krathong festival on November 19? If so, try floating an eco-friendly krathong this year.

Loy Krathong – which originated from the Sukhothai Kingdom around 800 years ago – celebrates the end of the rainy season and “floating away” bad luck. Some couples also view Loy Krathong as a Thai version of Valentine’s Day, and an opportunity to bless their relationship.

On the night, families and loved ones come together to release krathongs (lotus-shaped floats or baskets decorated with banana leaves, flowers, incense and candles) in rivers, lakes, the sea, and canals..Many krathong bases are made from Styrofoam.

Given the volume of krathongs floated on the night however (more than six million in Bangkok alone), the Styrofoam ones get stuck in waterways and sewers and don’t break down..So, here are some Loy Krathong tips to help preserve our planet and waters for the long term. Please look out for vendors selling greener, biodegradable krathongs this year.

Purchase, or use krathongs made from leaves or ice; or from ice cream cones or bread garnished with flowers and more..There are also ways to send digital krathong wishes – this year, be part of the move from traditional krathongs to green, or digital ones, to ensure that this beautiful tradition can be enjoyed for many years to come

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