Thailand Asia’s Luxury Lifestyle Awards – Wanida Tardivel, Who are Luxury Consumers Today?

Interview with Wanida Tardivel – Founder of Luxury Society Asia and the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Asia Honorary Judges board member

Wanida, you have founded Luxury Society Asia. How did you realize that Asia lacks such services?

Actually, there are lots of luxury products and services available in Asia, but most of them are spread around and no real place to combine them or highlight trends for savvy online readers. I also founded the club, to group individuals who share the same passion, tastes and hobbies.

How your business helps professionals from luxury industry in Asia?

We are a company who link people, business and events with predominantly Thailand’s latest trends and try to develop interactions with other countries like Hong Kong or Singapore where luxury knowledge is well established.
Luxury Society Asia covers a huge numbers of businesses available in Asian luxury industry. Do you have any further plans on expanding your business, like entering the European market?

We rather keep the club unique, sort of elitist and so plan to remain only in Asia but reinforce our online presence for luxury brands.
Since you partner with many luxury business professionals, how would you characterize all of them? What it takes to be the business owner in the luxury industry?

The first group of luxury brands/companies regroups companies with luxury brands internationally known while we also try to highlight emerging brands either local or regional.

Your business allows you to have exceptional expertise of the luxury market. Can you say how it will change in the next couple of years? Are there any trends that are changing it already?

We reckon people focus on quality rather than quantity, personalized services and uniqueness. Brand loyalty still exist but more and more people who want recognition or socially upgrade themselves follow existing branded products and luxury trends instead of setting them.

You are also a mother of two wonderful children. Is it hard to combine work and motherhood for you?

I manage to balance my life with both business and family activities as many women do… I dedicate a lot of my time and energy to my work but once I off, I totally off. I take the “online luxury cap” off and love to fulfill my mother role to spend quality time with my family.

We know that you are very enthusiastic about this year’s Luxury Lifestyle Awards event. Why?

I see Asia market is growing, I see young entrepreneurs in many segments. I think, it great opportunity to enlarge my network, seeing new partnerships to share our mutual interests.

Do you presume how you are going to evaluate this year’s nominees for the Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

I expect to see more people joining the event this year in Singapore; more luxury professionals participate in this great event. There is lots of great potential to grow luxury brands in Asia.

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