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Anisha is a true believer in ethical marketing and helps businesses deliver a lean seamless customer journey that draw win-win situations for both buyers and sellers and beyond. She also takes on the roll of consulting CMO to some clients in strategizing and planning for their business.


Luxury Society Asia: Hello Anisha, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. We’ve learnt that Savant is a unique marketing and strategy consultancy where you assist your clients in strategizing, executing strategies as well as coaching clients’ teams to grow impact fully. We would love to learn more about youcould you tell us more 

Anisha: I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Like most of people with the same background, I grew up being exposed to business at a very young age. I was very lucky to grow up seeing my parents work hard to build a great life for us which taught me resistance and grit early. I remember during my summer holidays that my mum took me with her on business trips. I would hop with her from meeting to meeting, day in day out, from one city to the next, around Europe and the US. On the other hand, my father would let me sit at his desk while he held meetings in his office. That early exposure to our family businesses taught me ‘if you put your mind to something, you can make it happen.’ Over time my siblings and I have diversified into our own businesses from the music festivals to financial restructuring and healthcare, we all still support each other through our own expertise.

Personally I always wanted my own businesses (naturally), but my love for marketing was accidental. When I came back from the US, I was offered a position at ARC Worldwide (Leo Burnett) from randomly applying through the recommendation from a friend. I was lucky to learn from working great accounts, including Johnnie Walker Reserved Brands, Heineken, Tiger and the like handling PR amongst other things that exposed me to the advertising world. After that, I went on to work for another small agency for similar brands like Veuve Cliquot, Relais & Chateaux, Mini before a short time back in the family business overseas. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great mentors (having mentors has helped me fast forward immensely) along the way, including amazing clients from many industries that give me an opportunity to have a leading roles or work with teams expert in PR, activation/events, creatives, sales, overall marketing strategies and customer journey optimizations.


I honestly fell in love with marketing through watching ideas that come to life, and even more by observing people’s experience: what they create and how much value they get out of it. There is nothing like bringing the passion of what an entrepreneur/brand has to offer to an end consumer who fully enjoys that value through communication and experience that we help create.

Luxury Society Asia: What is your opinion about top consumer trends to watch in Thailand ?

Anisha: Industry wise, health and wellness will become an even bigger trend where I can see three major shifts.

The first is that the younger generation takes an extremely different approach to healthcare. Thanks to technology, the shift in behavior is substantial. In our parents’ generation, there were very few means to do your own research, so people relied very heavily on doctors for everything. Today a lot of people will do their own deep research even before stepping into the doctor’s office which allows you to better understand (in most cases) and gives you the ability to ask the right questions and find options. Showing your doctor what you think is valid information that makes you get a better prognosis. Our parents’ generation didn’t have that luxury.

The second major shift is the one from treatment to preventative care. In watching baby boomers, many of us saw our parents’ generation work very hard, but took very little preventative measures when it came to their health (many were more focused on having family, raising kids and working at the same time). This generation wants to live a healthy lifestyle because they don’t want to suffer the way they see their parents suffer, and they want to look and feel healthy inside and out.

The third is the shift of chemical to alternative medicine or more “natural” measures. People are drifting more away from “chemical” solutions and looking for more alternative solutions for their health and wellness because chemicals have long term side effects. This can include anything from Ayurveda to stem cell therapies.

Another major industry is anything cloud and e-commerce. Anything that creates a convenience for people where they can still get the experience will grow. If people were afraid to shop online before, COVID has changed that and people are getting used to it. I have friends in the e-commerce space where their businesses are growing 3-5x monthly, it’s insane but amazing!


In all industries, most consumer groups are much more well informed with everything at their fingertips. In an age where everything is becoming very virtual and technical, marketers and brands need to retain their human side than ever.With every brand vying for the consumers attention, consumers now more than ever are looking for brands that they can relate to. Relating to consumers to attract them, and creating a memorable experience to hold on to them is the test every brand has to ace. Finding the right balance between leveraging tech and retaining the human soul and personal touch to your marketing is vital to come out winning.

Luxury Society Asia: What is your opinion on actual digital marketing trends?

Anisha: I think we will be seeing an impact of wider range of smarter tech such as brands investing their budget in more AI based martech, which will create more precision and a better ROI for their marketing and lead collection and nurturing. We will also be seeing more customer experience innovation for brands focusing on growth, retention as well as advocacy from consumers.

I use various tools, but the customer journey and customer experience are key for the simple reason that pleasing your customers means multiplied sales whether they are through conversions and referrals. It all starts with the customer journey. This is also the reason why I chose to focus on this topic when I was asked to teach a course, I honestly think it’s vital as it allows you see where you have to close the gap in any leak of leads and customers, and how you can increase the value of your customers and revenues along the way.

Luxury Society Asia: What have you learned along the way that has been valuable for you? 

Anisha: Here are some important mottos I hold dearly and use daily: Constantly ask yourself who you want to become and act accordingly in every role you play in life. Learn to ask yourself and others the right questions, and do what feels right. Be open to stepping back and looking at things from different angles because there are always more views than one. You can always learn and grow from every situation. Choose to do that. There’s always a solution to everything. Always find ways to give back when and how you can. The most valuable skills I’ve learned are definitely time, energy and focused management.


Luxury Society Asia: Tell us about your 2022 goals and how do you foresee next year?

Anisha: My plan right now is for Savant to grow at least 3-5x in revenue by 2022. I would like to grow and consult companies who are looking for either raising the bar for their own industries and/or really using their expertise to create an impact for society. The first thing I ask my clients is Whats the value you bring to people that they cant get anywhere else? This is whom I want to represent, not just great products, but brands who want to create an impact beyond their company to society as a whole and raise the bar in their industry and beyond.

Luxury Society Asia: What do you feel is the biggest strength of your service right now? Can you please give us more details?

Anisha: As a consultant who has worked almost every angle of the marketing spectrum, as well as having an entrepreneurial background, I understand the pain that entrepreneurs go through. We strive to help business owners optimize their strategies to lean out any excess in their business and only focus on results delivering methods that match or exceed their business goals. I’ve been very fortunate to be apart of many different industries to understand the different facets and how they work. This has been a huge benefit because, many times, the best solutions come from outside the standard of what or how things are done in each industry.

The first thing we do with our clients is to help them see the entire picture. We assist them in aligning their long term business goals with their marketing goals. Target their most potentially lucrative customers, maximize the customer lifetime value as well as leverage their current businesses in creating exponential growth. Marketing today isn’t just part of the sales funnel. It’s every touch point the customer interacts with your brand or business whether directly or indirectly. It’s marketing’s job to manage all of it, and we really work with our customers for them to see the entire picture so they can optimize it to reach and go beyond their goals.

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