Marketing-as-a-Service through Collaboration with Oracle Advertising, Customer Experience (CX), iClick and KLWTT

Singapore-based agency KLWTT has appointed Wanida Tardivel as CDS and General ManagerTardivel’s career spans over 25 years in the industry, handling business development, customer services for digital transformation, marketing automation, tourism business, luxury and high-end consumer brands and more! 

With strong Vendor and Consulting Partnerships and Alliances, KLWTT deploys Marketing and Sales Automation Solutions in many Business Verticals including Hospitality, Retail, e-Commerce, Travel, and FSI.

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (“iClick”,NASDAQ: ICLK), an independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider in China, and KLWTT (“KLWTT”), a leading provider of automated marketing services in Southeast Asia, a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), recently announced that they have chosen to collaborate with Oracle to offer its Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) suite of offering to their customers.

Through this association, iClick and KLWTT‘s customers will be able to gain the benefits of a combined offering, leveraging iClick’s strengths in programmatic marketing and data; KLWTT‘s leadership in implementing and executing automated marketing platform; and Oracle‘s industry leading CX cloud solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting social distancing measures have spectacularly accelerated the transition of consumers and businesses into the digital realm. For marketers, this offers a great opportunity: those who adapt quickest to this digital transformation and respond with offering optimised digital customer experiences will gain significant competitive advantage.

Key to gaining this advantage is the ability to connect customer data to a highly targeted and personalised experience in both digital advertising and messaging. This is where the new partnership offers a uniquely complete suite of solutions, bringing automated advertising and automated messaging together for the first time: true Marketing-as-a-Service.

Siva Ganeshanandan, General Manager and Head of Customer Experience Solutions, Oracle ASEAN & SAGE said: “Marketers today are looking for real-time engagement in the moment of interest and at scale. Whether they represent a B2B or B2C brand, marketers want to deliver proactive, relevant content consistently across channels to keep customers’ interest while researching and de-conflicting information. Oracle Marketing is the most comprehensive, integrated marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and customer marketing signals in a single view. We are excited to collaborate with iClick and KLWTT to help their customers generate a higher return on digital marketing investments, create customer loyalty through superior campaign performance, and unlock real-time performance decisions during critical campaign cycles.”

Jos. Birken, CEO of KLWTT said: “Oracle’s suite has the potential to transform your entire marketing effort into true Marketing-as-a-Service. But in order to get to that level you need to bring together both world class software and industry-leading marketing know-how. The combination of Oracle, iClick and KLWTT offers our customers these capabilities that will help them unlock value to their marketing efforts. We are in a unique position to help you make the most of the technology that’s available today.”

Jian “T.J.” Tang, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of iClick, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with KLWTT to develop enhanced offerings that will help our clients across the region, including those in Greater China, adapt to the rapidly digitalising market environment. Our clients will benefit from integrated access to both advertising and marketing automation solutions. We also view this as a great opportunity for iClick to rapidly gain market share for its Enterprise Solutions initiatives, as it allows us to leverage our data capabilities in a significant way.”

About iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) is an independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider, which connects worldwide marketers with audiences in China. Built on cutting-edge technologies, iClick’s proprietary platform provides possesses omni-channel marketing capabilities and fulfils various marketing objectives in a data-driven and automated manner, helping both international and domestic marketers reach their target audiences in China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick was established in 2009 and is currently operating in ten locations worldwide, including Asia and Europe.

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KLWTT was an early mover in marketing automation. Previously known as KatalystM, it was rebranded in 2019. KLWTT represents a proven track record on marketing automation and marketing technology from the beginning when these terms were invented.

Today KLWTT applies a wide range of leading marketing technology platforms to help their clients grow lifetime value of their customers, and create new customers out of leads. It helps clients apply technology to enhance the overall customer experience and drive revenue through smart, targeted and triggered marketing. It is also a leader in the application and setup of automated lead nurturing programmes, allowing companies to manage ultra-efficient lead management even in the most complex situations.

Headquartered in Singapore and active throughout South East Asia and mainland China, KLWTT services clients throughout Asia-Pacific and is trusted by leading brands such as Symantec, Veritas, Oracle, Pan Pacific, Roche, and GlaxoSmithKline.

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle’s partner program designed to enable partners to accelerate the transition to cloud and drive superior customer business outcomes. The OPN program allows partners to engage with Oracle through track(s) aligned to how they go to market: Cloud Build for partners that provide products or services built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud; Cloud Sell for partners that resell Oracle Cloud technology; Cloud Service for partners that implement, deploy and manage Oracle Cloud Services; and License & Hardware for partners that build, service or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products. Customers can expedite their business objectives with OPN partners who have achieved Expertise in a product family or cloud service.

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