MarTech Thailand Community – Talk with Jittipong Loespredit (Ball)


Marketing technologies are no longer just for marketing or IT team members. We therefore need to cascade knowledge from top and senior management leaders to understand why digital transformation is not a choice but a must. The Marketing Technology Master Class is ‘something’ we can offer to Top Executives in the Marketing Field.

To change the mind of large and medium corporate companies, we need to work on a new mindset and review our working culture in order to move towards a better Marketing Organization.  

Today we have a chance to talk with Jittipong who has been working in digital marketing. His works and experiences have been in Corporate Identity, Branding & Digital Campaigns for more than 2 decades. Now, he is holding key positions as Head of Digital Marketing & Technology Team Lead.

Luxury Society Asia: Good day Jittipong, thank you for giving us an opportunity to speak with you today. What brought you to Marketing Technology field?

Jittipong: During year 2012-2013, I was assigned to handle Marketing Automation’s project.  It was an eye-opening experience and an important door to me to learn about Modern cloud platforms, SaaS (software as a service) platforms.   A few year later, I got lesson learned Success factor & Pitfalls of Technology’ Hype.

I found and thus created a Facebook Page to educate other marketers to have awareness and make use of MarTech tools and capabilities. This include sharing successful directions (or pitfalls) and how to implement tech for vendors in a right way.

Luxury Society Asia: We would like to hear about your opinion about consumer trends in Thailand, how does it look like?

Jittipong: I would say, the Consumer Trend to keep an eye on in the next few years is clearly a rise of AI, ML in Advertising technology. Marketers will benefit from new AI capabilities such as Auto Bidding, Optimization Budget by AI Conversation Marketing still on hype. NLP chat bot that supports Thai language will go mainstreams. All data-collection touchpoints will need less human operation as AI agent will be the Digital Labor in the near future. The Age of Content Shock, exponentially increasing volumes of content creation, will intersect our limited human capacity to consumption, and AI capability can generate contents like humans.

Luxury Society Asia:Can you share with us your opinion on upcoming marketing trends? 

Jittipong: Search Marketing still works, probably more during lockdown. Human isolation but search demand in e-commerce will increase, and Facebook algorithm will change. We will definitely rely on google search to find information, solutions, product & inspiration again. A Cookieless World, data privacy laws and regulations will prevent advertisers touching user’s data like a Retargeting Ads(Pixel Tracking) so we need inbound marketing tactics to rapidly capture user to be our 1st party data.

Regarding CDP down side (Trough of Disillusionment), CDP companies need to create tangible benefits for early adoption clients and create more used cases to market. Transparency communication about CDP capability is also required.

Luxury Society Asia: What key marketing tools do you use?

Jittipong:Analytic & Data Tracking tool such as Google analytic, UTM management tool
Data Visualization such as Tableau, Google Data Studio

Content Creation Related Tools such as Surveymonkey, Google Form

Social Analytic & Listening Tool such as Fanpagekarna, Mandala Anaytic

And Search Marketing Technology such as neilpatel, ahref

Luxury Society Asia: What future skills will the next generation need?

Storytelling with data, Technology Management, Agility to Change during Digital Transformation Next Wave, Key metrics for each channel and campaigns

Luxury Society Asia: What is the biggest strength of your community? or how/where can they follow your works? 

Jittipong: My main strategic direction to maintain our community is to sustain engagement rate by selecting members that (maybe) are relevant to our group and monitor content consumptions with reasonable frequency.

Stakeholder Benefit: Some need to promote their business. Some need to read more about MarTech articles. Some KOL need to promote their articles. To me, I still love to spend time as a gate keeper of knowledge and provide opportunities for all.