Most Luxurious Honey in the World

Family-owned Manuka South Produces Finest, Most Luxurious Honey in the World Manuka South is the second-time winner of the best luxury honey in the world.

A 100% New Zealand family-owned business, Manuka South is renowned for its ability to produce the most luxurious and rarest Manuka honey in the world. 

The company offers one of the highest strengths of Manuka honey available, which is sourced from secret, remote New Zealand locations, making it one of the rarest honeys in the world. This superfood is known for its rich texture and elegant maturity that gives the palate a welcoming silky consistency with earthy, toasted notes.

This honey truly is the perfect luxury gift for someone special. “It is such a great honor to be chosen once again as winners by Luxury Lifestyle Awards! We believe that our dedication to the highest possible quality has granted us this success, and we believe our luxury honey makes for a fantastic gift if you want to show your appreciation for somebody whether it’s business or personal. We are proud to offer the best luxury honey in the world and can’t wait to share our honey with more people around the globe,” says CEO Rob Haines. 

Manuka South is a premium brand focusing on quality and detail. The idea for the brand was developed by their son Sam, who joined the business in 2013 after living abroad for many years. The brand’s vision grew out of Sam’s love of high-end luxury products with its sophisticated dark broody branding, black labels, gentlemen clubs, handcrafted style, wood barrel aging and bespoke packaging. 

The Manuka South’s special cellaring of their honey enables the UMF properties to thoroughly develop and mature and is why Manuka South consistently produces the highest standard honey available. This ensures that the natural enzymes found in raw honey are perfectly preserved. 

Manuka South honey is known for its smooth, rich texture, which is creamed to perfection. The elegant maturity gives the palate a welcoming silky consistency with earthy, toasted notes. ”The intricacy of flavor and texture is achieved by our master honey craftsman that uses the traditional New Zealand methods of creaming and caring for our honey,” says CEO Rob Haines. 

All Manuka South honey is blended in small batches to allow for extensive quality control. The consistent low processing temperatures guarantees that their honey keeps its natural health properties.  

The company has a great range of luxury, high-end honey products, among them The Manuka South® Limited Reserve UMF 32+ (MGO 1835), The Manuka South® Limited Reserve UMF 28+ (MGO 1446), UMF 26+ (MGO 1282) Mānuka honey, which are often selected by affluent consumers. Also, the company offers its selected products in designer gift boxes. Each box is 

hand-packed and customizable to fit the client’s needs and can be a great idea for a unique gift of good health for a beloved one or business partner. Other popular products available for purchase are Propolis, Royal Jelly, and Bee Pollen. 

Working closely with bees and beekeepers for over thirty years has given this outstanding company an uncommon understanding of how important it is to reduce waste, as well as how much impact we have on the environment. This has led them to a concerted effort and commitment to sustainability. 

Being passionate about quality, it goes without saying that the relationships and partnerships that Manuka South has formed are of the highest value and standard. Their beekeepers, who have now become part of the family, have been with them since the company’s inception, and their relationship enables them to carefully select each vintage most remarkable Manuka honey available in New Zealand. 

Manuka South believes in long-lasting relationships with people who share the same beliefs and values, including their suppliers and distributors. They take great pride in choosing only the best locations for their products to be sold. The company is always looking for stockists and distributors for its products. They welcome inquiries from interested businesses. 

They continue to preserve their founding business values by remaining a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated family business. 

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