2021: Most Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas


As Valentine´s day approaches, the hunt for the perfect gift starts anew. Yet, the art of gift making can sometimes be a difficult one to master. Therefore, the question remains: How can one find the sure hit?

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In a society that emphasises on personalisation, uniqueness and makes extensive use of accessories, it seemed logical that we would make a quick tour of the various items that one may want to gift their significant other!

This said, a number of them may be socially charged. For example, gifting a ring on Valentine´s day could be seen as a marriage proposal, while perfume or other scented products may express the need for a fragrance change… You get the gist.

Without becoming overly conscious of what meaning could an item carry, let us take a look at our gifting options including, but not limited to, the items mentioned above!

Perfumes are always a good starting point. It is personal without being overly expensive. It shows your significant other that you care and that you wish to get closer. Added bonus, it is 100% unisex so boys and girls can go for it without fear!

The next echelon would be the belt or other leather goods such as a wallet or a card holder. It is a subtle yet efficient way to show your loved ones that you wish to remain by their side, even in the toughest moments.

But, let´s be honest, the most famous gift of all for Valentine´s Day is without a doubt the gift of a piece of jewellery. In that particular area there are significant differences in quality that can be observed that in turn end up being seen in the cost of every single piece.

For those of us that like fashionable things yet don’t want to break their piggy banks, you have  Fashion Jewellery or Costume Jewellery. They are traditionally mass produced in brass or other materials and usually feature ether synthetic stones or plastic made look alike. For those of you that are in Bangkok as you read these lines, such items can easily be found in shopping malls from brands such as Pandora.

The next level of jewellery would be the silver based bijouterie. It is important to remember that silver jewellery has in and of itself several levels as well. The most famous nowadays would be the Sterling Silver jewellery which consists of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other alloys allowing the metal to be stronger and a bit less prone to oxidation. Mostly mass produced as well, this noble material can be found easily in a variety of qualities.

From Tiffany & Co´s shop to local shops, you will be able to find whatever strikes your fancy while remaining on a more conservative budget than the higher grade gold jewellery. Some pieces can be set with gems stones though they are seldom featuring top quality gems.