Lifestyle Asia – Mount Regalia, New Definition of Luxurious Residential Development Hong Kong

The New Territories is one of Hong Kong‘s main districts, boasting an exciting eclectic mix of past and modern, ancient structures and modern buildings, spectacular nature, and picturesque scenery from the local mountains. Recently a new spot appeared on the map of the New Territories that, in keeping with the neighborhood’s name, offered a whole new approach to standards of living, comfort, and luxury. Its name is Mount Regalia, an innovative property that is the epitome of high-end living, developed by Paliburg Group and Regal Hotels Group, this year’s winners of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Hong Kong.

The exclusive residential development of Mount Regalia is an impressive project implemented by the Paliburg Group and Regal Hotels Group. Paliburg Group mainly engage in real estate development and investment, project design and management, building construction, as well as property management businesses.  While Regal Hotels Group, as a leading international hotel group, focus mainly on hotel and hospitality development, investment, operation, management as well as luxury property developments with over 20 hotels globally in Hong Kong, China and overseas. The two market leaders have combined forces to offer some of the most spectacular properties, and Mount Regalia has become one of the most significant among them.

Mount Regalia is located at 23 Lai Ping Road, in the picturesque Kau To neighborhood at Shatin, Hong Kong. Thanks to its elevated location, the property offers spectacular views of Shing Mun River, Sha Tin Racecourse, and Tide Cove. This ultra-modern residential development is surrounded by lush greenery, creating an inspiring dialogue between architecture and nature. The advantages of Mount Regalia’s location are not only in harmony with nature but also convenient access to major commercial areas and key ports of entry through an expansive transportation network. Residents of the property can reach the Greater Bay Area, Central District, and the airport within 30 minutes.

The site area of Mount Regalia is 188,100 square feet, featuring a luxury residential complex comprising 7 mid-rise apartment blocks, 24 garden houses, car parks, and club house facilities. The apartment blocks offer 136 magnificent apartments with state-of-the-art interior design that elegantly harmonizes with the outdoors. These exclusive and perfectly crafted masterpieces offer saleable areas from 1,575 sq. ft to 3,360 sq. ft, equipped with a private elevator lobby, except for the ground floor apartments. Residents of the penthouses and duplexes can enjoy a roof-top private pool or jacuzzi, while garden units and garden duplexes are immersed in stunning greenery.

The 24 comfortable detached deluxe homes range from 2,233 sq. ft. to 4,960 sq. ft. of saleable space. Most are equipped with private elevators that provide direct access from the parking lots to all floors. In addition, residents will be able to savor expansive private gardens, and some include a 40-foot private pool. All houses and apartments at Mount Regalia boast a cutting-edge interior design that offers a new take on luxury and an impeccable balance between chic and elegance. All of these factors played a major role when the Luxury Lifestyle Awards expert committee recognized Mount Regalia as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Residential Development.

The feeling of privilege is accentuated by the Luxurious Clubhouse with access to the spacious club lobby, VIP multi-function room, relaxing reading room, well-equipped gym room, outdoor infinity swimming pool, amusing children’s playground, and ritzy band room. Residents of Mount Regaliaalso benefit from the impeccable property management well known to the guests of the Regal Hotels, who provide quality service 24 hours a day.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel also praised Mount Regalia’s great environmental values, naming it one of the Best Luxury Sustainable Residential Developments in Hong Kong. This was based not only on the careful site selection with its extensive green spaces and fresh air but also on its open green space and energy-saving features of the property. For example, the energy consumption for artificial lighting inside the building has been significantly reduced, thanks to full-height glass curtain walls and skylights in the dining rooms that maximize access to natural light. The developers have also provided Mount Regalia with horizontal landscaping and vertical landscaping that emphasizes unity with nature and also serves as a green roof, protecting the property from excessive heat and reducing the need for additional indoor cooling.

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