Vietnam Guide Sangha – Top Vegetarian Restaurant in Danang

Find your balance – Light the lamp of the mind to nourish your compassion by eating. Sangha firmly believes that, whoever lives in this life wishes that his downward journey is the journey to the future, towards happiness…whatever things happening, just breath, take a little step move on and keep smiling…

Aiming for exquisite and exquisite culinary experiences, the regular meal has been elevated by Sangha, not only satisfies the guests in taste but also touches every corner of emotions, memories and evokes difficult memories.

Under the talented hands of the Sangha Chef, each dish serves as a genuine work of art, gently taking guests on a journey of innovative and evolving flavors together shades of different.

This restaurant is a great place to recharge the body with nutritious vitamins, recharges the soul with green vitamins and offers a peaceful quiet after the hustle and bustle.

Venue: Sangha – Vegetarian Restaurant

84 Hoàng Văn Thụ – Hải Châu , Da Nang, Vietnam

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