Asia’s Luxury Symposium 2021


The luxury and retail sector has seen its share of turbulence in the past year. Cut through the noise and equip yourself with the right knowledge from those navigating new retail in 2021. 

To answers to these questions and more:

  • What does it take for brands and retailers to weather the storm through the new retail in Hong Kong and China?

  • What can we learn from the disruptive and successful e-commerce in China?

  • What is the Gen Z bringing to the table?

  • How can we leverage our advantages and integrate with the new markets in Hainan and the Greater Bay Area?

  • How do we achieve bigger with omnichannel alliances?


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WendyChan, SVP Digital – LVMH Asia Pacific
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Yvon Le Renard, Partner and Managing Director – Clever Age Asia
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Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion Invest Hong Kong
Erwan Rambourg
Erwan Rambourg Author of Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury (2020)
Jean-Laurent Vilon
Jean-Laurent Vilon, Managing Director – APAC Mazarine
New Project (9).png
Sophie Leconte, Executive Director French Chamber in Hong Kong
New Project (17).png
Michael Beutler, Director of Sustainability Operations Kering
New Project (19).png
Divia Harilela, Editor and Founder – The D’Vine
New Project (15).png
Bruno Lannes, Senior Partner – Bain & Company
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Alain Li, Regional Chief Executive, APAC – Richemont
New Project (21).png
Maxime Pruvost, Founder and Managing Director – BEE Retail
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Thibault Villet, President – APAC Tory Burch
Alexis Bonhomme
Alexis Bonhomme, VP Greater China and APAC Farfetch
Xiaolei Gu
Xiaolei Gu, Innovation Director FABERNOVEL Asia
Kim Leitzes
Kim Leitzes, Managing Director – APAC Launchmetrics
New Project.png
Martin Moodie, Founder and Chairman – The Moodie Davitt Report
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Rebecca Silli, Partner Tiang & Partners
New Project (2).png
Frederic Winckler Executive VP, Chief Creative and Brand Officer – Melco Resorts & Entertainment

As the Luxury Symposium goes virtual, we will be welcoming expert speakers that are leaders and pioneers in the China market.

  • More than 15 international speakers
  • Connect from anywhere you wish with easy access
  • Unrivalled insights on today’s luxury retail agenda

21 April, 2021


Opening remarks

Master of Ceremony: Divia Harilela (Editor and Founder, The D’Vine)


Alain Li (Regional Chief Executive, APAC, Richemont)

Alexis Bonhomme (VP, Greater China and APAC, Farfetch)



Future outlook for China’s luxury market

Speaker: Bruno Lannes (Senior Partner, Bain & Company)

In this opening keynote, we will look back at China’s luxury market performance in 2020 and identify the key trends that will shape the next 5 years: repatriation, Hainan, millenials and Gen Z, and digitalisation.


The future of luxury

Speaker: Erwan Rambourg (Author of Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury)

The luxury and retail industry has been constantly reinventing itself last year, adapting to the disruptions and challenges. Entering 2021, the global luxury market starts to recover and surge as all eyes are on the growth of online retail, the booming marketing, and the return of international travels.

In this session, we will look at how brands and retailers tackled the disruptions last year with innovation, the new strategies, and what is next for the luxury market.



Curating superior customer experience: Measurable digital engagements and connections


Kim Leitzes (Managing Director, APAC, Launchmetrics)

Thibault Villet (President, APAC, Tory Burch)

Jean-Laurent Vilon (Managing Director, APAC, Mazarine)

with moderator Yvon Le Renard (Partner and Managing Director, Clever Age Asia)

China has been the forerunners of innovative digital marketing, disruptive e-commerce, and online-to-offline (O2O) commerce. Accelerated by the new shopping behaviour, the luxury and retail market in China has seen the most exceptional and premium customer experience which dynamically drives brand loyalty and growth in revenue.

While going digital in China is vital for luxury brands and retailers, what are the latest evolutions, trends and risks, and will this eventually transcend brick and mortar?


Gen Z: A quick peek at China’s next generation of consumers

Speaker: Xiaolei Gu (Innovation Director, FABERNOVEL Asia)

Because of China’s rapid economic growth and steady recovery from COVID, Chinese consumers have become the top TAs for the luxury industry. In this presentation, Xiaolei will discuss the mindset and purchasing habits of Gen Z, the next dominant consumer group. Besides talking about the cultural and economic environment that shapes Gen Z’s behavior, she will also present examples of how luxury brands can tap into and impress this particular group.


Sustainability in the luxury world: Where are we today?

Speaker: Michael Beutler (Director of Sustainability Operations, Kering)

with moderator Maxime Pruvost (Founder and Managing Director, BEE Retail)

The role of sustainability in the luxury sector has been gathering momentum. But how do brands make practical and measurable changes? In a world of complex supply chains and shifting consumer expectations, the stakes are high for luxury brands to deliver on their promises for a more sustainable industry.

More than a simple trend, we’re seeing a full reshaping of business models for the better. In this period of intense transformation, sustainability is no longer a choice.



O2O and a customer-centric approach: Where retailers and brands align


Alexis Bonhomme (VP, Greater China and APAC, Farfetch)

Wendy Chan (Senior VP, Digital, LVMH Asia Pacific)

Engaging with Chinese luxury consumers requires an omnichannel expertise unlike any other market. In a highly competitive and evolving landscape, retailers and brands must put customer experience at the heart of their approach across online touchpoints and physical outlets.


Building bigger markets: Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and Hainan


Virginie Martignac (Global Travel Retail Director, Cartier)

Stephen Phillips (Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong)

Frederic Winckler (Executive VP, Chief Creative and Brand Officer, Melco Resorts & Entertainment)

with moderator Rebecca Silli (Partner, Tiang & Partners)

The Greater Bay Area promises a lot, but what about its luxury market? Hainan, too, has caught the headlines recently as the Chinese government looks to position the island as a retail destination for domestic consumption on a mammoth scale.

But what initiatives are actually being put in place? And more importantly, how does increasing competition from Macau and Hainan accelerate change and innovation in retail in Hong Kong?


Hainan: The lighthouse of travel retail

Speaker: Martin Moodie (Founder and Chairman, The Moodie Davitt Report)

With a focus on the extraordinary rise of the offshore duty free sector in Hainan since the concept was created in 2011, this session will give particular emphasis to the impact of the enhanced duty free shopping policy introduced in July 2020, the subsequent liberalisation of allowances and Hainan’s integral role to the Chinese government’s determination to maximised domestic consumption and repatriate spending by Chinese travellers abroad.



Closing remarks

Master of Ceremony: Divia Harilela (Editor and Founder, The D’Vine)


Sophie Leconte (Executive Director, French Chamber in Hong Kong)

Please stay tune for 2022!