The Art of Designing Luxurious Spaces by Artalenta

Architecture is one of the mediums to convey ideas that could not only be seen visually, but we could also feel it. Artalenta, the best Indonesian architectural company based in Bali, wants to show this beautiful message as well through its various luxurious designs and excellent service. This is evidenced by the winning of Artalenta in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Indonesia for 2 consecutive years, in 2020 and 2021.

 ““Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” a phrase meaning “Unity in Diversity,” is at the core of Artalenta.  It also happens to be Indonesia’s official motto. Even though Indonesia is vast and distinct, we must celebrate the tremendous diversity of cultures and talents. We collaborate with local expertise and techniques to impact our work and unite them into a signature style.” said Uira, Indonesian architect, principal, and project director and also the founder of Artalenta.

Besides a good teamwork, the projects handled by Artalenta keep receiving recognition from clients to industry experts. Artalenta’s works often collaborates by bringing together professional knowledge in various fields related to Architecture.

Uira and the team are creatively connecting all types of designs, from inception to completion, including interior, structural, engineering, and MEP. Also production management and building construction through collaboration with experts, technically, accurately and functionally. It aims to provide extraordinary collaboration and integration as well as creating an effective and efficient works for clients and also providing convenience with the one-stop shopping service by Artalenta.

 “I have an obsession with representing Bali and Indonesia with our masterpieces on the International design stage. I feel delighted, excited, and very proud of winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award. This award is a celebration for Artalenta and Indonesia.” Uira added.

Artalenta always puts quality and prioritizes clients’ needs by offering comprehensive solutions that suit the client’s goals and vision. Every architectural detail and interior object created by the team can form a desired distinctive atmosphere. Artalenta’s clients so far are very confident and believe in the abilities of the Artalenta team because the references from each completed project are able to give an extraordinary impression and focus on every details, from the selection of materials, lighting, furniture and accessories, as well as in the aesthetics implementation.

Almost all materials such as wood, stone, copper, metal, steel & aluminum, finishing, as well as interior materials and crafts such as shells, coconut, wallpaper, and many others, are all well implemented so it could make their characteristics felt beautiful, unique and luxury.

131 Cove Drive in Singapore is a perfect example of a serene and beautiful summer home, with this luxury property designed by Artalenta, conveys the feeling of living by the beach and vividly illustrates Artalenta’s approach to architecture and design. Uira and the team on this project created a home that is full of serenity through the arrangement of architectural, interior and building designs that are dominated by white and combined with blue and green colors that could give a quiet yet peaceful feeling in the house.

In this project, Artalenta Team designed the facade of the house wrapped in white aluminum and equipped the building with symmetrical windows, wooden doors, and wooden stairs with copper accents. Artalenta combined the structure of the building with steel, concrete and aluminum and the interior is equipped with metal elements made of copper, bronze and gold plus a combination of art collections of fabric paint, wallpaper, and leather.

In the process of Design and Construction of the 131 Cove Drive project, Artalenta also got inspiration from artistic works, which then translated it in various details into the project.

Each room in this house has its own story and function that provides balance and reflects the diversity of the house owner’s lifestyle. This property is a combination of technology, science, cultural values, professionalism and creativity of Artalenta team that is able to transform a piece into a masterpiece.

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