Best Gins For The Perfect Gin & Tonic


It has long be considered that a daily dose of Gin & Tonic was medicinal due the the malaria resistant quinine in the tonic water. Fact or fiction it has worked for one of the faithful who has practised the ritual for the past 30 years in the topics without infection.

Story by Laurence Civil

The level of the gins today has  a bespoke re-incarnation but mass market tonic water hasn’t made the same progress, Fever Tree where are you? Do your duty to be here to make the perfect gin and tonic with one of these premium spirits. We have ice and lime in abundance, you are the illusive missing ingredient

Beefeater 24

Initially there is a subtle note of green tea followed by a subtle hint of grapefruit which awakens the classic aromas of juniper, coriander and citrus fruits. The flavour begins with gentle notes of spicy citrus before delivering a classic juniper flavour supported by the softer tannins from selected green tea. The long finish is thanks to steeping  all of the botanicals in pure spirits for 24 hours prior to distillation.


First distilled by Alexander Gordon in London Borough of Southwark in 1789 pioneering ‘dry Lonfon Gin’ with no sugar added. A triple distilled gin made using juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel.Having received the week it takes 10 days of distillation  to produce.


The combination of two distillates. For the first 11 of the world’s finest botanicals are steeped in grain spirit and local spring water then boiled, vaporised and condensed in the 1860 Bennet still to produce a spirit with a heavily oily character with strong juniper flavours. While in the Carter Head still alchol vapour washes over a mix of raw botanicals deriving a more subtle flavour with lighter floral and sweet fragrances. The two distillates are combined and infused with cucumber and rose fragrences, whichs is why its not a ‘London Gin’

Bombay Sapphire

Since its creation in 1761 by pioneering English distiller Thomas Dakin BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has been inovative using artisanal vapour infusion distillation of 10 exotic botanicals to process a gin has an extraordinary smoothness with the overall taste being perfectly balanced with aromatic flavours and a crisp yet delicate finish.


The entry level Tanqueray London Dry Gin is made with just four botanicals juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice. That may not sound a lot but what makes this gin is the way in which they are crafted. Tanueray No 10 Gin contrary to popular belief gets its name from “tiny ten” still where its distilled. It has additional botanicals of fresh white grapefruit, fresh lime fresh orange and camomile flowers. What differentiates the two is that No 10 has a wider palate of flavours from which to build cocktails.